World Health Day is an event created to shed light on global health. Since its inception in 1948 it has fallen on the 7th of April every year, each time with its own unique theme…

The World Health Organisation has always chosen to use World Health Day as a platform. Drawing more attention to topics that otherwise, might not get the global attention they deserve. This year is no different, with Food Safety being the subject of choice. Regional, international and local events on the day take place in the hope that they will raise awareness on the issue of toxins and chemicals that contaminate the produce we consume.


Millions of people fall ill every year and many die as a result of eating unsafe food. Its facts like these which really bring home how important food safety is, with vulnerable groups the most at risk we need to be diligent in the fight for safe food consumption. People in the developing world (especially children) are twice as likely to contract an illness from contaminated food or drinking water. Diarrhoeal disease kill an estimated 1.5 million children annually with many of these illness being easily avoidable. Food contamination can even prove detrimental to the economy of developing countries, undermining tourism and livelihoods in the process.


By now you’re probably wondering what food health has to do with People Tree, you’d be surprised…
when it comes to the production of our garments, we only use organic Fair Trade cotton. The profits that sales of organic cotton provides means that cotton farmers are then also able to grow their own produce. We also use a healthier alternative to clothing dye ensuring that water supplies do not get contaminated. World Health Day isn’t just about food safety, it extends to all consumables.

It’s not like being healthy isn’t in fashion, with a sudden influx of vegan restaurants cropping up from North to East London and the majority of us now conscious of the nutritional benefits the food we consume holds. It’s almost as if eating well is now synonymous with the 21st century fast lane lifestyle


World Health Day is more than another event to tweet about, by taking a small fraction of our time to think about those not fortunate enough to choose what they eat/drink. World Health Day is about humanity, something we at People Tree are constantly promoting. Caring for one another never looked so good.

All images courtesy of the World Health Organisation

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