Since its humble beginnings in 1970, World Earth Day has seen a tremendous amount of growth. Now incorporating the combined efforts of 192 countries. This April 22nd will see us collectively asking ‘what are we doing for the environment?’ 

Earth Day is celebrated globally, raising awareness on environmental issues through the attendance of various events throughout world. All simultaneously taking place on the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Originally created by peace activist John McConnell, it now boasts the largest civic observance with over 1 Billion participants.

Here at People Tree, we feel that the protection of the environment is as important as that of the farmers, artisans and tailors we support. People Tree helped to write the environmental standards of the World Fair Trade Organisation’s Fair Trade guarantee. The degradation of the environment effects our producer’s quality of life and their ability to earn too!

Fossil fuels, drinking water and even the preservation of endangered species have all been previous topics for discussion; 2015 see’s Earth Day London putting on a host of festivals and events. Originally dubbed ‘the big smoke’ London’s change in attitude towards pollution now sees it as one of the primary global locations in which to enjoy World Earth Day.

Dandelion Clocks

The Environmental Health Act, Clean Air Act and Endangered Species Act can call be attributed to World Earth Day. Following the introduction of the internet as a means of communication, Earth Day‘s outreach has increased exponentially with a host of countries celebrating, ranging from The Philippines to Togo.

Today we consume more than twice the natural resources of our planet, so it is clear we must learn to consume, and do business, more sustainably. At People Tree we manufacture to the best environmental standards and push the agenda forward, for example by designing garments to be produced by hand as much as possible, so our products have small carbon-footprints.

We are extremely passionate about organic cotton, with more than 60% of our collection crafted using the beautiful resource. Our farmers, such as Agrocel in India, who supply our garment workers with the finest raw materials, use the finances to fund their own organic farms. This in turn allows them to grow a wider range of produce, which is also of a higher quality, and the cycle continues.

The video below is from one of Safia Minney’s previous trips to India, in January 2013, where she visited Agrocel organic cotton farmers. Watch and learn why organic and Fair Trade farming is so important.

You can show support for World Earth Day, People Tree and the sustainable lifestyle in a number of ways; attend any of the numerous events being held on the 22nd of April, enter our fantastic competition with Riverford Organic Farms or simply continue to support People Tree!

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