#whomademyclothes – Dev Tech

Dev Tech is a small producer group based in Dhaka. In partnership with People Tree, they provide jobs to artisans in rural Bangladesh by supporting traditional skills and creating beautifully hand woven garments, which are one of a kind. The whole process is done manually from preparing the yarn for the loom to weaving the fabric, which is then cut and tailored into a People Tree garment.



The makers 

Mr. Patriar Johnson Gomes, the Owner and CEO of Dev Tech explains why he chose to set up a Fair Trade organisation which focuses on reviving this traditional Bangladeshi skill: 

“Handwoven fabric is environmentally-friendly. The hand weaving process is carbon neutral and can save up to 1 ton of carbon emissions per one hand loom a year. It helps protect our environment and also creates opportunities for disadvantaged artisan groups. We very much enjoy working with People Tree and People Tree customers.”

The Fair Trade orientation of the company is also what ensures good and safe working conditions. Saidul, who has been working with Dev Tech since it began, has a good relationship with the whole team and describes the work atmosphere as very pleasant: 

“It’s not like working in conventional garment factories where the staff are not treated well and people use foul language, in conventional factories you can lose your job if you don’t reach daily quotas, there is no guarantee of employment. At Dev Tech there is less pressure and you can expand your experience in different areas of the work.”

Chin Snal, who is carrying out a role as quality checker with Dev Tech agreees with Saidul: 

“I enjoy the working environment at Dev Tech and appreciate the transparency behind the business. The capacity building programme and the office manual are helpful.”



The clothes

Dev Tech produces our collection of handwoven garments. This season this includes the exclusive beige and white summer dress from our Japan capsule collection, the chalk and blue striped range as well as the Ikat Navy top, trousers and dress with a slub effect. Unique garments made for you by the hands of the Saidul, Chin and the rest of the Dev Tech team.