Today on The Thread we want to introduce you to Georgina, the lucky winner of our spring Fair Trade wardrobe giveaway. In this guest post, Georgina tells us about what it was like to win – and her new People Tree favourites.

Georgina in the Mae Cat Print Dress
Georgina in the Mae Cat Print Dress

Georgina: A little while ago I entered a ‘Like and Share’ competition with People Tree on Facebook while on holiday. At the time I thought nothing of it as I didn’t expect to win. The day after coming home (and going back to work) I received an e-mail telling me I had won a prize…

£500 to spend on the website. Yes please!

I am in love with People Tree and have been ever since a lady came into a shop I was working in looking for some shoes to go with her silk Lyla Meadow People Tree dress. I don’t wear silk, but I loved the print. When she told me about People Tree, I just had to find out about the brand for myself and start buying…

Gorgeous clothing + ethical + Fair Trade certified + organic = every thing you could ever want. I needed these things in my life and so got online and bought a dress and top to see how the styles fitted me. Apart from the dress needing to be taken up, they were perfect.

And so now here we are! I actually was that person who won the competition for the shopping spree! I had been coveting so many things from this season’s collection that I wanted to add to my mini-collection and was going to wait until I had found a new job and could treat myself. Now, though, I didn’t have to wait. I just had to choose.

So, here is what I got:

Liza Top in Blue Tree Print, £35

Alice Vintage Floral Dress, £78

Mae Cat Print Dress, £85

Cara Autumn Floral Dress, was £85, now £51

Emily Cropped Jumper, £70

Amelie Blouse in Blue Polka Dots, £68

I love them all but my favourite is the Emily Cropped Jumper. It is made from cotton and banana fibre and is hand woven so it’s pretty delicate but feels so nice to wear. I am going to look after it and store it well so that it lasts forever. I love the natural fibres the company uses. The cotton feels so durable yet soft and it means your skin can actually breathe.

Georgina wearing the Cara dress.
Georgina wearing the Cara dress.

What I also love about People Tree, aside from the clothes and accessories and all of the above, is that they are really doing something that they believe in. People Tree strives to make the world a better place by improving the lives of textile workers and looking after the environment at the same time. They also want to show the work of the skilled artisans and see them paid fairly for their work. The textile industry dominates a huge part of the world, however more often than not, workers are exploited and paid poorly because they can sew quickly so that the rest of the world can wear the latest trends.

While it is hard to buy real ethical fashion, it is becoming easier with companies like People Tree driving the fight for Fair Trade – with a capital ‘F’ and ‘T’. I would urge you to look at where your clothes come from. Think before you buy the £1 top.

I think people are starting to crave a slower way of life, so why not start with a slower way of fashion by adding some of these beautiful pieces to your wardrobe?

Thanks Georgina! You can find Georgina’s blogging about her favorite things at Note and A Boat.

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