Rebecca Pearson is a People Tree Model and Ambassador. Rebecca travelled to Bangladesh with People Tree CEO Safia Minney to model for our summer catalogue, which is landing on our customer’s doorsteps this week. Over the next four days, we will be sharing Rebecca’s travel diary where she talks about her experience in Bangladesh.



Day 1: Travel

I meet Safia, Andie (the stylist), Lou (the make-up artist) at Heathrow. We have our first panic of the trip when we rush to the gate which is flashing closing. We rush there, but then wait 20 minutes to board – I think it was a ploy to get passengers to hurry up.

The flight from Dubai to Dhaka is a world away from the orderliness of London. The flight is probably 98% men, who attempt to take on as much hand luggage as is humanly possible – far more than is permitted. I guess this is good preparation for Dhaka!

We land at the Dhaka airport. After navigating the disorganised baggage reclaim area, I emerge from the airport feeling tired but excited. Dhaka airport is surrounded by crowds, emotional reunions, and begging children. This is always tough. We meet up with the People Tree Japan crew including Angela, a famous supermodel, and Miki, Safia’s photography and film assistant.

We then begin a long 6 hour drive from Dhaka to Thanapara. The beautiful countryside of Bangladesh emerges from the overcrowded, dusty streets of Dhaka. Bangladesh is verdant and lush, and for the first time since before the flight I feel like I can breathe deeply.
We arrive at Thanapara completely knackered. We are greeted with smiling faces and a bunch of beautifully smelling tuberose – a warm welcome after so much travel! We then experience our first evening’s meal consisting of seven delicious curries and succulent fruit. Over dinner, Safia explains the following day’s schedule…

Want more adventure? Read about Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4.

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