The first ever collaboration of People Tree and the Victoria & Albert Museum this Autumn met with so much enthusiasm from your side that it was no question there is going to be another collection next season.

Amelia Calver, Licensing Research & Development Manager at the V&A concludes: “In our different fields of expertise, People Tree and the V&A share a passion for quality, craftsmanship and innovation”, which results in these great pieces.

Now, the second round of the very popular collaboration has just been launched so we thought it’s time for giving you an exclusive insight into our design inspiration.


The SS18 capsule collection consists of six contemporary pieces with bright floral prints inspired by Arts&Crafts designs. This theme is celebrating the variety of pattern, which the Museum is renowned for, as well as the natural beauty of materials associated with the Arts and Crafts Movement.

This international movement in the decorative and fine arts began in Britain but emerged further from 1880 till the 20’s and recalled the joy of traditional craftsmanship. In terms of design, it stood for simple forms but also medieval, romantic and folk style. Two of the protagonists of this era were William Morris and Charles Voysey, whose prints were adapted for this season’s collection in a modern and fashionable way.

Morris was the pioneer of the Arts & Crafts and the whole aesthetic vision derived from his ideas. His designs were mainly inspired by nature and plants which he observed in his gardens, on country walks and on woodcut images.

Voysey’s work in turn showed clear evidence of Morris’s influence in terms of complex patterns featuring natural motives. His most characteristic designs show pastel coloured stylised forms of birds and flowers.

Their floral prints have been reworked in bright colours, which come through as one of the main trends of this season. Key to the designs is sharp tailoring paired with flowing wide shapes and feminine ruffles, which are important topics in SS18 as well and can be found throughout the whole collection. Both stories feature three pieces each, including dresses, skirts, tops and a boilersuit, one story being more romantic in pastoral colours (Voysey) whilst the other print (Morris) is bolder with a pop of bright colour.

All items come in usual People Tree quality, being made of supple, soft fabric from 100% organic cotton. They are handcrafted by our Indian producers Creative Handicrafts and Rajlakshmi. Latter is a pioneer in organic garment manufacturing in their country seeking to create high quality tailoring just like Creative Handicrafts, a social enterprise teaching women the skill of sewing and promoting traditional handcrafting.


This synergy of the love for high quality materials, traditional craftsmanship and nature inspired prints is what characterises the second People Tree x V&A collection for Spring Summer 2018. We can’t wait to wear it and hope you’ll love it as much as we do!