World Fair Trade Day is just around the corner and we want to give you a treat with discounts on all our full price collection. Ethical, sustainable fashion can be an expensive business but the boost in sales from events like WFTD Sale helps us generate the resources we need to place new orders – and support artisans around the world.



Our core values:

As a pioneer in ethical, Fair Trade fashion we consider these core values every time we put a promotion on. Let us show you why we are having WFTD Sale and how sales are not only vital for an ethical clothing brand but align with our philosophy too.

Whilst we promote a slow and conscious way of shopping, we understand that throughout the season your wardrobe has different needs therefore we like to offer seasonal promotions so you can shop our pieces, whatever your budget may be.

As a Fair Trade brand, it is very important to us that the discounts you receive do not affect our producers and their livelihood, instead these sales effect margin. These sales give us a vital boost in revenue which helps us to promote our mission and support the producers who make your clothes.









We do business differently:

People Tree works with Fair Trade partners to design unique, beautifully hand crafted pieces with companies who are committed to doing business in a way that is good for people and the planet. We have sales such as WFTD Sale to give us a boost of revenue which allows us to invest further in the people who make your clothing – Fair Trade producers all over the world. To read more on who we support please click here.

Our goal is to empower our Fair Trade partners to grow their businesses and help them change their communities. We follow Fair Trade standards throughout our supply chain. Unfortunately most fashion brands do not pay factories for products until they have been delivered – however we do business differently.

We make a long-term commitment to our partners, by placing orders months in advance so they have time to make our pieces, often by hand. In order to complete our orders, the artisans and producers need access to working capital to buy materials, pay salaries and keep the lights on.

Image Credit: heylilahey

Image Credit: heylilahey

We make an investment in our artisans and producers but we cannot do it without you. As a Fair Trade fashion business, we pre-fund our producer partners where needed. By making advance payments, we ensure that the people making our beautiful products can make it through the year. We invest in our partners, providing them with technical assistance and building their capacity.

Thus by doing sales, we generate extra revenue, which we invest in our producers so they can begin work on our next collection. Ethical, sustainable fashion is an expensive business but the boost in sales generates the resources we need to place new orders – and keep our business going.

We believe that together we can spread our message and make the world a better place. Shopping the People Tree sale is like making an investment in a brighter future. The beautiful clothes you buy from People Tree are making a beautiful change in the world.

Image Credit: heylilahey

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