People Tree and CAOS | Pioneering Change In The Fashion Industry

“Creative Art of Souls” – or CAOS – is an ethical enterprise based in Pondicherry, South India. They manufacture a wide range of woven and knitted clothing and accessories and are proud that 90% of their in-house production is in certified organic cotton. People Tree partners with CAOS to make a beautiful collection of women’s clothing in 100% organic cotton.

The company takes their ethical credentials very seriously and say that they “seek to preserve traditions, protect precious techniques and high quality skills while supporting communities as well as environmental causes.” In this video, learn how CAOS and People Tree are pioneering change in the fashion industry.

Credits: Filmed and edited by Miki Alcalde. Produced by Safia  Minney.  Special thanks to our Anjali Schiavina, Founder and Managing Director of COAS, and everyone who was involved in the making of this video.

3 Replies to “People Tree and CAOS | Pioneering Change In The Fashion Industry

  1. Fantastic Video – well done People Tree. We’ve been speaking to CAOS about producing our next range of organic Marzipants & after watching this, I can’t wait to work with them. Maree x

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  3. Awesome Anjali! So nice to see the place in action. I remember our visit to your factory. It was impressive then, even more impressive now. So happy for your success. Love and light. Jarl and Steve

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