Organic and Fair Trade Cotton | Watch the story behind our products

Watch Safia Minney visit the Agrocel farmers and learn why organic and Fair Trade farming is so important.

In January 2013, Safia Minney traveled to India to visit the organic farmers who grow cotton for People Tree. People Tree has partnered Agrocel to grow organic cotton for more than ten years.  Many of our beautiful jersey dresses, tees and tops begin in these cotton fields.

Fair Trade and organic cotton is helping farmers now – but increasingly with climate change it is becoming essential. Organic farming mitigates the effects of climate change on farmers, allowing them to get control back from the chemical and seed multinationals. Organic farming also protects scarce natural resources.

As a pioneer of Sustainable and Fair Trade Fashion, People Tree is dedicated to empowering customers with information to make ethical choices when shopping. We hope you enjoy this video. We would appreciate it if you would help us spread the word about the importance of Organic and Fair Trade farming by sharing this video with your friends.

Credits: The Organic and Fair Trade Cotton Video was filmed in Gujurat in North West India in January 2012. The film is narrated by People Tree founder and CEO Safia Minney. The film features Safia Minney, model Lauren Gold, Shailesh Patel and the Agrocel farmers. Special thanks to Shailesh Patel and Agrocel for helping us to tell their story.

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