In support of World Hunger Day, our merchandising manager Jo has been taking on the ‘Living Below the Line’ challenge in which the total value of all food and drink she consumes for a day must be below £1. Here’s how she’s handled day three.

 On day three I woke up feeling hungry. I weighed myself and found I’d lost a couple of pounds. It seems it’s all from my tummy; it’s flatter and feels great not to be bloated from overeating.

I had my usual breakfast of porridge and toast. I’m surprised that I’m getting used to not having sugar on my porridge! Then for lunch I had scrambled eggs on toast. Having bought the cheapest of everything I could find obviously my eggs aren’t organic but they’re not even free range… YES –  I’m eating battery farmed eggs! I feel bad about it, but when you’re living on a budget, can ethics come into your food choices? Right now I would kill for a bit more variety in my diet, so if I permanently lived on £1 a day I think I would continue to buy the cheapest version of everything so I could save for occasional luxury items, like the odd ice cream or a cup of tea. However, I would have to learn to not feel guilty about eating unethically.

For dinner I had a jacket potato with beans. I was surprised to find that Lidl’s beans tasted as good as Heinz beans – bonus! I’ll be buying them from now on.

I was happy to do the five day challenge because I had few plans over the weekend, but once I’d committed to it I received offers of going for drinks and a house party. I thought about going and only having tap water, but that didn’t seem like fun. Once out, there would be temptation to have a drink or snacks; it’s so much easier to budget when you stay in and you know what your next meal is, as boring as that sounds. So I had a quiet weekend with the TV and a spot of decorating! Rock ‘n’ roll!


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