In support of World Hunger Day, our merchandising manager Jo has been taking on the ‘Living Below the Line’ challenge in which the total value of all food and drink she consumes for a day must be below £1. Here’s how she’s coped on day two.

I woke feeling very tired but my body felt lighter which I thought was a little weird; perhaps not eating heavy meat was already doing me good? I had the same breakfast as the day before but felt very hungry before lunchtime without the extra sugar from my morning cup of tea. You forget how every little bit helps your energy levels. I mentioned I’m a sugar fiend and I was surprised how nice porridge is without sugar –I thought it would be disgusting.

I occasionally thought about making a tea at work and then remembered that I’m not allowed it.  Damn these temptations around me; the free fruit in the office or the offers of chocolate from colleagues. They’ve even been so mean as to offer me leftover pizza! I suppose it is free but that’s not the point; would someone living below the line in a developing country have the option of free pizza?

I’m starting to get bored of the amount of carbs (bread & ginger nut biscuits) I’m eating and would love some fruit! You wouldn’t believe how excited I was when I realised I had yoghurt left to eat! I’ve never been that excited about yoghurt before!

I had plans for the evening but only the cinema so I just had to avoid the temptation of popcorn. But it meant I had a very late dinner of bean stew so I was very hungry by the time I ate it. I’ve had the occasional headache; is it the diet or just the weather? I’m wondering if I’ll feel worse in the next few days…


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