Here are People Tree’s seven simple steps to hosting your very own clothes swap event – what are you waiting for, start planning!

Who’s ready for a great party, new clothes for free, a closet clean out and generally lots of fun? If you’re thinking ‘YES!’ right now, then a clothes swap may be the perfect thing for you.

So, what’s the big idea? Everybody brings clothes they are not wearing anymore, which they feel they simply don’t need, and swaps them with other fashionistas like you, for something beautiful and new. It’s the perfect concept – not only do you get to take home some cool, new pieces; the lovely dress that’s been sitting in your closet for ages, gets a great second life as well.

Since we love sustainable fashion and caring for our clothes, naturally we also love a clothes swap! So here are our top tips for hosting a great swapping event (perhaps you and your friends could get together to celebrate Fashion Revolution Day?):

    1. Tell all attendees to bring clothes that are still in great condition, that way everyone has the chance to discover something amazing, instead of just collecting a big pile of junk. This way it’s more fun for everyone!
    2. Invite as many people along as possible – the more the merrier!
    3. Great music is a must of course.
    4. Bring along drinks and nibbles to make the evening even more fun. Our favourites: Fairtrade chocolate biscuits, popcorn, bread sticks with Hummus – and of course, some Organic wine!
    5. Why don’t you give your clothes swap a theme? Summer clothes, a kids party, fancy dress? The possibilities are endless.
    6. Host a little fashion show at the end, where everyone can show off their new pieces.
    7. If there are any garments left at the end of your swapping event, why don’t you donate it to your favourite charity shop, so others have the chance to enjoy too?

Have you ever hosted or been to a clothes shop? We would love to hear your stories, or see pictures of your great new outfits – you could even share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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