Handwoven Fabric | Made with Love

Fair Trade Fashion is made with love.

People Tree partners with three Fair Trade groups in Bangladesh that create unique garments with hand woven fabric: Artisan Hut, Dev Tech and Swallows.

People Tree uses hand woven fabrics in its collection to promote livelihoods for weavers, providing opportunity to economically disadvantaged artisans. The artisans produce fabric using techniques that have been passed down through centuries. To create the unique fabrics, the artisans dye,  weave and embroider the fabric by hand.

In Bangladesh and India, there are 10 million hand weavers who are fighting to keep their industry alive. They are fast loosing their work to power looms, in areas where there are few other jobs.  With Fair Trade, People Tree can double their incomes, give long term design support, and help them sell their products.

Please support these incredibly skilled hand weavers by shopping People Tree’s unique collection of hand woven clothing.

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Credits: In April 2012, People Tree visited our Fair Trade groups in Bangladesh. Special thanks to the producers for sharing their stories.






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