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Read our exclusive interview with the Organic Hunter who is wearing People Tree on an eco adventure across Europe.

When David – the blogger behind My Organic Hunter – contacted People Tree to ask if he could fill a suitcase with People Tree’s eco-friendly collection for men to bring on his summer hunt for everything organic in Europe, we were thrilled to say yes. We know our customers enjoy reading blogs – and we love partnering with bloggers. David is traveling across Europe searching for sustainable fashion, design and food. Read the interview…

Tell me about Organic Hunter.

David: I started My Organic Hunter in Australia. It was there I discovered my passion for everything organic and eco-friendly. I fell in Love with Australia eight years ago, I originally went for a year long working holiday. I liked it so much, I decided to settle there. I am now a resident of the beautiful country and I am very grateful for the opportunities that were presented to me while I was there. I have worked with some great companies, in particular Karpati, a Sydney based company which focuses on Organic and Natural skincare. Anyone visiting Sydney must visit Eva Karpati’s Medispa in Double Bay, it is very special! I worked for Eva Karpati for four years and was lucky enough to travel the country helping get her beautiful products into stores. I learned so much on my travels and the store owners I dealt with where so passionate about Organic, Eco and the environment. This added to my passion.

I decided to set up my organic hunter to help and give back to everyone who has helped me along the way. More people need to know about Organic, and Eco-Friendly. And that is what My Organic Hunter is about.

What is your plan for the summer?

This summer I am going to be traveling Europe, I will be visiting France, Spain, Portugal, Italy & Switzerland in search for everything Eco Friendly and reporting back with my findings. I will be focusing mainly on transport, eco-hotels, fashion, cosmetics, food and wine (of course) – and the environment.

Tell me about one thing that inspires you that you can’t wait to “hunt”.

I love anything new, whether its travel related, a new organic product, an eco conscious fashion brand or a new bio dynamic wine. This is why I am so excited for my European trip this summer, each place is different, and I will meet so many new and interesting people and I hope to discover so many more new brands.

Organic Hunter picks People TreeYou’re wearing People Tree for your adventure. What are your favourite products so far?

I absolutey love the beige chinos, not only do they look good, they are extremely comfortable especially whilst travelling through hot countries. I have also fallen in love with the French style stripey top.

What other eco-friendly and organic products are in your suitcase?

Savi organics shampoo bar, Neels Yard rose balm, eco friendly sun glasses (made of wood), environmental toothbrush and a hemp laptop bag. I am still trying to find an eco-suitcase, do your readers know of any?

Why are you so passionate about sustainability?

The world has gone crazy, there is far too much waste in the world. Take for instance “the weekly shop” – most people don’t give a thought about the amount of plastic carrier bags they use at the till. I think if people were more aware of the harm to the environment this alone can cause they might think twice about using them as much as they do at least.

How can People Tree’s The Thread readers help you on your hunt?

I would be interested to hear other people stories, thoughts, suggestions and recommendations! I am going to lots of different places and I am not restricted, so if any readers suggest I must see a particular place or company, I will try my best to go!

Who wants to help? Anyone know of a company making sustainable, eco-friendly suitcases? Or do you know of any eco friendly or sustainable things Organic Hunter must find this summer? Let us know on by leaving a comment here or by linking up on Twitter @peopletree and @myorganichunter.

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