Buying sustainable fashion is a great step into the right direction but there are more ways to live a greener way of life. Every small step counts, so today the botanists at the organic natural skin care company Herbfarmacy talk about easy eco-friendly product swaps which protect our beautiful earth!



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With increasing press coverage surrounding environmental issues and a growing cultural trend towards greener living, more and more people are looking for ways they can adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle in order to reduce their environmental impact.

Of course, there are numerous ways we can all make a difference but, in today’s post, we’re putting the everyday products we buy under the microscope. From household items like food, drinks and cleaning products to fashion and skincare items, the organic skincare experts at Herbfarmacy are sharing 5 simple product swaps you can make today that will mark a step in the right direction when it comes to preserving our beautiful planet.


1. Go local with groceries

In today’s supermarkets, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to food and drink – with a huge range of imported products and out-of-season goods on offer from around the globe. This widespread taste for exotic items and all-season availability does, however, result in significant transportation in terms of getting these products on the shelves – creating undesirable and unnecessary carbon emissions. It is, however, possible to reduce the carbon footprint created by your grocery shopping by purchasing produce locally where you can.

Not only will sourcing locally farmed fruit, vegetables and meat reduce the carbon emissions associated with transporting these products, but organically farmed produce is also more environmentally friendly.

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2. Switch your skincare products

For many of us, skincare products are an essential part of our daily routine – helping us to look and feel refreshed and rejuvenated. However, some products can contain harsh chemicals or ingredients that could be damaging to our planet and our health, such as microbeads and parabens.

To be sure you know what you’re putting onto your skin and potentially into the environment, why not switch to natural skincare products instead? From organic rosehip oil with its anti-aging properties to exfoliators with natural grains as opposed to plastic, natural beauty products have the potential to make a positive impact on the environment, as well as being more beneficial for your skin.

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3. Opt for natural household essentials

As with skincare, many of our everyday household cleaners and toiletries contain ingredients that can be damaging to the environment. Therefore, it’s wise to swap these for products with eco-friendly ingredients and manufacturing methods in mind.

Whether it’s multi-surface cleaner, toothpaste or washing detergent, there are now a variety of options available when it comes to eco-friendly alternatives to household essentials that are just as effective, but kinder to the environment.


4. Make ethical fashion choices

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends is no mean feat, especially considering how quickly these trends evolve. However, you can still make ethical fashion choices, even if you do continue switching up your wardrobe with every season – and the first step towards making Earth-friendly wardrobe updates is knowing where and how your clothing is produced. From shopping with fair trade suppliers and retail outlets with locally produced items to bagging secondhand gems or recycling old clothes, swapping mass-produced pieces for ethically manufactured items will allow you to up your wardrobe’s eco credentials.

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5. Buy into better packaging

With UK landfill sites experiencing increasing pressure to cope with masses of non-biodegradable waste, which takes decades to decompose, one key area for change is the packaging of everyday purchases. From biodegradable coffee capsules to recyclable drink containers and bags for life, where possible, try to replace products that use excessive and non-biodegradable packaging for eco-friendly alternatives, in order to reduce excess waste in landfills.

Achieving a greener lifestyle can seem a little overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Making small, simple and informed changes with your everyday purchases can go a long way towards aiding the preservation of our planet.



We hope you got motivated and inspired to adapt some of these advices to your daily life. Always remember: Many small changes make a big change one day! 🙂