Need a Caffeine boost? Don’t know where to go for that all important catch up? We’ve listed just a few of our favourite hang-outs 

With the weather steadily improving the People Tree offices are buzzing with talks of weekend plans. One thing we are in unanimous agreement of is our love of coffee and cake, London provides the perfect backdrop for one of our favourite hobbies and we felt that if you’re going to be enjoying a Cappuccino and a confection, it should be at an establishment serving only the finest Fair Trade consumables. Here’s a list of just a few of our favourite Fair Trade Coffee Shops so that this weekend finding the perfect spot for an innocent gossip will be a piece of cake!

Paper & Cup

Home to the best croissants in London, Paper & Cup is a non-profit social enterprise and far more than meets the eye. Created by the Spitalfields Crypt Trust, a charity that helps people recovering from homelessness and addiction. The atmosphere in the coffee shop is really homey – Bookshelves full of interesting novels line the walls and what’s even better: theyre all available for purchase! With some going for as little as £2, supporting the SCT and perfect for book lovers like we are!

Location: 83 St. Pauls Way & 18 Calvert Avenue

coffee beans


Located just north of People Tree HQ, Antishop has several USP’s that make each visit a memorable one. You can purchase charity muffins, which support numerous fantastic causes as well as being delicious. Everythging in the shop is handcrafted from the sandwiches to the furniture and everything is sourced from small family businesses around the world. The Antishop also does suspended coffee or meals meaning that you can buy a coffee, sandwich or treat for homeless people, who can use your gift later on.  It’s a great way to do good without even thinking about it.

Location: 80 Brick Lane


Kahaila is also based on Brick Lane near our offices (we promise we didn’t choose the location based on great coffee drinking opportunities) and if you’re in for some fairy-tale-like layered Buttercream cakes, this is the place to go. You can already see the impressive choice of cakes from the outside and we promise you – choosing is not easy! Make no mistake, Kahaila is not included for the cakes alone: it’s also a charity and all proceeds support victims of human trafficking or other vulnerable environments.  The ingredients are all sourced ethically and everything is created locally. Top tip: Kahaila is also a great place to get some work done.

Location: 135 Brick Lane

Joes Kidd:

Situated along Fashion Street, this charming café boasts a gorgeous selection of organic drinks and food. A locally run business full of personality, brightly coloured text adorns the message boards and beautiful coffees are served in the most delightful crockery. Fancy a break? You might just find an Eco-Edit or two situated along the magazine rack if you’re looking for a spot of light reading. We recommend the smoked aubergine sandwich if you don’t have a sweet tooth, catch some sunlight in their outside seating area or take a treat home.

Location: 50 Fashion Street

Of course, there will never be a complete list of great London coffee shops – there are just too many to choose from! Just keep a look out for Fair Trade certifications or ask where the coffee is sourced. Where are your favourite places to go for a coffee and a cuppa?


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