When Safia and James set out on their People Tree journey they were ahead of their time in focusing on what we now call the triple bottom line: economic, environmental and social performance were all key to measuring the company’s success. These days, though, claims of sustainability are everywhere, and it can be hard for customers to know whether a company is truly as green as it claims.

It’s not surprising that a range of schemes have been launched to prove how sustainable or ethical or eco-friendly companies are, nor that they are not all created equal. People Tree is an active member of a number of groups and organisations campaigning for social and environmental justice. We set ourselves high standards, because nothing less will do.

We’ve picked two certifications that are especially meaningful for us, but you can find out which other ones we hold over on our main website.

GOTS Certification Logo

Global Organic Textile Standard – GOTS

This is the world’s leading standard for textile processing of organic fibres and includes both the materials used in production and environmental and social standards that must be met. All our organic cotton, linen and wool are GOTS certified, so you can be sure there are no harsh chemicals involved, from seed to sewing machine.

“GOTS welcomed People Tree to our family as a true pioneer many years ago. It is great that People Tree certified to the rigorous, transparent and traceable Global Organic Textile Standard. GOTS delivers environmental and social change in the fashion supply chain through the production, processing and manufacture of organic natural fibres into organic fashion and textile products. Happy Birthday People Tree!” 

Christopher Stopes, GOTS
WFTO Certification Logo

World Fair Trade Organization – Guaranteed Status

In the fashion world, this is one of the rarest certifications to see. It means that we have been independently reviewed and audited for our commitment to and practice of the WFTO’s 10 Fair Trade Principles. The principles themselves are deceptively simple, and it’s hard to see how anyone could argue with them. They are self-evidently and objectively the decent way to behave.

People Tree would like to see all fashion brands achieve this status because the impact would be life-changing for garment workers around the world. We’re living proof that it can be done.

“People Tree embody a fashion brand that puts people and planet first in their business. A trendsetter in ethical and sustainable fashion, they proved this by being the first fashion business to be awarded with the World Fair Trade Organization label.”

Jette Ladiges, WFTO

A continuing commitment

After thirty years in fashion, People Tree is not resting on its laurels, however impressive. We continue to challenge ourselves to do better, work smarter, and innovate to make what we do even more sustainable and eco-friendly. High standards are not something we celebrate just once every 30 years: it’s a constant commitment you’ll find in every people and planet-friendly garment.