Unlike our London City guide (See Here) we weren’t able to do a similar ‘follow-around’ concept, but we do have a few people from Germany in the office who were able to suggest some of their favourite shops, parks and places to eat in the city.

Berlin is one of the most environmental cities and so this city guide also touches on things to do in the city which are associated with this lifestyle. Moreover, with Christmas fast approaching, Berlin is a great destination to visit what with all the Christmas markets and general festive feel.



Location: Friedrichshain / Sonntagstraße 29, 10245 Berlin

Selling fair fashion labels including People Tree, this gorgeous shop is one of the best places in Berlin to get your ethical fashion fix. The interiors feature copper railings, wood display tables and even a swing- it couldn’t get any better!

Berlin’s largest concept store for eco-friendly and vegan clothing...”- Loveco Online

Image: loveco-shop.de



Location: Kreuzberg / Wiener Straße 16, 10999 Berlin

This fantastic new food shopping concept eliminates the issues of waste and excess packaging in the supermarket industry. The customer brings their own containers and only takes what they need which is revolutionary in changing the way we buy food. Why not check out the store in Berlin and see how it works for yourself?

We’d like to offer an alternative way of shopping – one where we offer everything you need but you won’t find hundreds of different types of body lotion or olive oil.”- Wolf and Glimbovski for The Guardian

Images: monomeer.de & tagesspiegel.de



Collect mushrooms and admire the stunning view over the city from Drachenberg. Hiring bikes also makes for a fun and energetic way to explore this beautiful forest.


The Tiergarten is a park which stretches through the centre of Berlin and is a great alternative to this busyness and bustle of the more urban parts of the city.

Images: inberlin.de & culturetrip.com



Location: Kreuzberg / Maybachufer 8, 12047 Berlin

Vegan and craving some sweet treats? Head down to Brammibal’s donuts; a doughnut shop run by a group of young friends and with plenty of delicious flavours to choose from.

“...our donuts are 100% vegan and free of any artificial products.”- Brammibal’s Donuts Online

Image: brammibalsdonuts.com



Location: Friedrichshain / Boxhagener Str. 76-78, 10245 Berlin

Haferkater specialises on porridge served with different toppings depending on the season. This season you can look forward to porridge accompanied by compote, nuts and berries, all washed down with a hot cup of coffee to get you going for the day.



Location: Kreuzberg / Hobrechtstraße 43, 12047 Berlin

Restlos Gluecklich is a non-profit restaurant offering 3 course dinners, all of which are made from spare, marginally out-of-date food. It’s well known that supermarkets waste masses of food which hasn’t sold and consequently has gone out of date. This restaurant not only serves tasty food but also provides a solution to this major global issue.

Images: wohlfuehlkost.de & heavenlynnhealthy.com