Artisan Handweaving: How our Fabric is Made

Artisans are at the heart of what we do. Our designers work closely with our Fair Trade producer partners year in, year out, to find the best ways to celebrate artisanal crafts, like handweaving, each season.

Handweaving is a traditional skill that has been passed down for generations. More than 10 million people make a living out of handweaving in India and Bangladesh. As such, millions of livelihoods depend on a continued demand for these fabrics.

A model wearing a striped cream and beige jumpsuit with a hazelnut denim jacket at sunset.

The handweaving story behind the Rena Striped Jumpsuit

A signature style we’re perfected over the years, the much-loved Rena Jumpsuit often showcases different handweave techniques. For SS22, our Rena Jumpsuit in Stone features a beautiful striped weave pattern.

Here’s how we go from initial idea to finished product:

Shawpan, a handweaving artisan sits at a handloom with an example of striped cloth that is produced.

Our artisans at Dev Tech then collect the cotton and spin the fibre into yarn. They weave it into cloth on a handloom. This process can produce 7 to 12 metres of fabric per day and takes a lot of strength and energy. The final fabric is then cut and sewn together, and finished with eco-friendly corozo buttons.

Our tech team make sure the fabric quality meets our high standards. Once approved, the making can start! Each handwoven garment is unique. The colour or weave can change ever so slightly, with each garment baring a maker’s touch.

A model wears a striped handwoven jumpsuit with a white tshirt underneath, the photo is against a brick wall.

The Rena Striped Jumpsuit is perfect for sunny days ahead. Layer up with a cosy organic cotton tee, or wear as is. If you love the fabric and wish to support tradition artisanal handweaving, we’ve also got our Emerson Striped Trousers and Zahara Striped Shorts in the same fabric this season.

You help to keep traditional crafts alive and present when you invest in these styles, supporting skilled artisans around the world.  Explore a whole range of handwoven styles, new in this season.