People Tree is a community and movement that enjoys the support of many great people from all walks of life. Rika Sueyoshi and Dean Newcombe have supported People Tree for years, modelling our clothes and visiting fair trade groups to lecture about the difference fair trade makes on the lives of economically marginalised people and their communities in the developing world.

A 100% fair trade company like People Tree has a smaller marketing budget than conventional fashion companies. We spend more on making our products, so that farmers and artisans are not exploited and earn a fair price. Polluting fabrics, fabric finishes and dyes are much cheaper and easier to obtain than the environmentally friendly and organic materials People Tree uses. We spend more on out people and eco-friendly product, leaving much less money for marketing.

This is where our wonderful People Tree Ambassadors help us to spread the word. Getting the message out about fair trade means more people learn about the exploitative side of fashion and how People Tree makes a positive impact on families and communities. This helps People Tree place more and larger orders and create social change.

Fashion company ambassadors earn £100,000 to mention a brand in interviews and wear their garments. However, People Tree brand ambassadors support us as a way to give to the cause, and because working with People Tree is a way of delivering change. It’s voluntarism which makes best use of their interests and talents.

We are very happy to welcome Rika and Dean as two exceptionally dedicated people who have worked tirelessly and selflessly to help people in developing countries and campaign for fair trade.

Rika Sueyoshi. TV Presenter and announcer.
Rika reports and reveals the myths of the world as the Mystery Hunter in TBS’s popular show Discovering the Mysteries of the World. Rika is an eco lifestyle guru in her native Japan, and an ardent supporter of environmental causes. She has helped write articles and been featured in many women’s magazines. She has also spoken at numerous conferences on fair trade and runs a radio show where she introduces green living and the fair trade lifestyle.

Dean Newcombe. Model and actor
Dean’s modelling is in high demand in both Asia and Europe. He recently travelled to Bangladesh to model People Tree’s summer range. Dean founded IMA to support victims of the 2011 tsunami in Tōhoku, Dean has also modelled for People Tree fashion shows and motivated hundreds of Japanese women turn to fair trade.

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