Organic‘ has grown into a buzzword as people all over the world seek to promote and enjoy a healthier lifestyle for themselves and for the planet. Although organic food has long been the entry point to a more conscious shopping ethos, now organic cotton is taking the fashion industry by storm, prompting a wave of celebrity endorsements and a new following of conscientious shoppers seeking high-quality clothing that meets a modern standard of ethics.

Here at People Tree we’re delighted that organic cotton is beginning to receive some of the credit it deserves. To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 reasons why this trend should be ruling your wardrobe.

1. Superior Softness

Cotton is known for being kind to the skin, but it is widely agreed that organic cotton offers a superior softness when compared to its conventional counterpart. Unlike traditional cotton, the organic variety is not treated with harsh chemicals known to cause irritation or allergy when it comes into contact with skin, making the soft fabric ideal for fashion staples.

2. Durable and Long Lasting

Not only is organic cotton softer than the common alternative, it’s also sturdier too. Unlike conventionally produced cotton products, which begin to deteriorate at between 10 and 20 washes, organic cotton fibres stay as good as new for 100 washes or more. This means you can keep hold of all your favourite pieces for longer, and save money in the long run.

3. No Nasty Chemicals

One of the biggest problems with conventional cotton is the harmful chemicals used, which have been known to damage the health of farmers and consumers alike. During the non-organic cotton farming process, many companies allow and even encourage the use of toxic chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects and many other health issues that can stay with workers for the rest of their lives. Consumers can also be affected by the use of cotton manufacturing chemicals through the pesticide residues left on the finished product. These residues risk triggering allergies, a particular problem for those with sensitive skin.

When it comes to day-to-day wear, the chemicals used in non-organic cotton trousers can cause them to become uncomfortable after a few hours. However, high quality organic cotton will still feel fresh for as long as you do – this is just one of the reasons we use GOTS-certified dyes.

4. Kind to People

A major issue blighting the cotton trade is the exploitation of farmers around the world. Many are subject to poor terms of trade, and are paid less than it costs to produce a harvest. For some families, this can result in prolonged poverty and severe health problems.

Cotton retailers and shoppers who choose Fair Trade, organic cotton can not only help these farmers, but also make a long-term investment at the same time. By purchasing organic cotton products, you can support ethical retailers in their mission to help farmers reduce the cost of organic cotton production and improve their overall living standards.

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5. Kind to the Environment

The environmental impact of conventional cotton production is one of the biggest driving factors behind the rapidly increasing popularity of organic cotton clothing. Sadly, the toxic pesticides used in non-organic farming systems are responsible for killing an estimated 16,000 people every year, as well as poisoning wildlife and rivers around the world. Cotton farming is also responsible for producing up to 94% more greenhouse gas emissions than the organic alternative.

Thankfully, organic cotton production is beginning to tackle this problem. By replacing toxic chemicals with natural pesticides and removing CO2 from the atmosphere through the soil at a rate of 1.5 tons per year per acre, organic cotton farming can actually benefit the environment as opposed to causing irreparable damage. By choosing organic products over traditional, you can be part of the change by supporting sustainable cotton production and reducing the impact of climate change.

There are many reasons why organic cotton should become the main feature of your wardrobe, but don’t take our word for it. Pop over to our website to browse our Fair Trade garments and find the piece that’s just right for you.