Can you imagine a world without water? A world devoid of tropical lagoons, vast oceans and the predictable rainfall of a British summer?

Earth is 71% water, it’s in the very air that we breathe. Yet only 1% of this elixir is drinkable and even less of this accessible globally. Deaths amongst children as a result of drinking contaminated water soar annually, with 750 million residents of planet Earth lacking the means to obtain safe, clean water.

On the 22nd of March we ask ourselves why, and more importantly what we can do to help. World Water Day is a day to celebrate water and to make a difference for those who suffer the consequences of water related issues. It’s a day to appreciate the resources we have and prepare for how we manage water in the future. World Water Day Started in 1993 and each iteration sheds light on a different issue, this year focusing on sustainability and development.

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Anyone familiar with People Tree will know that the pursuit of sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Shipping our Fair Trade clothing internationally via sea-freight reduces carbon emissions which are detrimental to the environment. Using Fair Trade certified organic cotton ensures that not only do the farmers receive a fair wage for their hard work, but that the water supplies and rivers are not polluted and the environment does not suffer for the sake of produce. With organic agriculture People Tree farmers use alternative pesticides like garlic, neem, chilli and soaps. Organic cotton uses 60% less water to grow than its conventional counterpart, a figure achieved by implementing the more environmentally friendly system of Drip Irrigation to save water.

Noted as the most valued innovation in agriculture since its inception.  Drip irrigation recycles waste water, guaranteeing not a drop is squandered by selectively applying liquid to the plant through a system of pipelines.
Previously we commented on The Citarum River, identified by environmental groups as the most polluted river in the world. Water supplies, contaminated by the run-offs from the dyeing vats irritate and scar the skin of children who wash and play in the water. People Tree incorporates azo-free dyes and waste water management systems to further protect water ways and the health of the local community.

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Its World Water Day, this doesn’t mean when tomorrow comes the passion we feel for sustainability will fizzle out. Everyone has a right to clean water, 365 days a year.

In support of World Water Day we’ve released an iconic droplet print on one of our 100% organic Fair Trade Tee’s. Check out the Rain Drop Tee here

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