Today is World Book Day and to celebrate this international appreciation of all things literary, we’ve decided to compile a list of some of our favourite books, stemming from the countries that supply us with the fantastic Fair Trade products we all know and love so well. Now with no further ado (and in no particular order) here are our top 5…

1- The God of Small Things: Arundhati Roy INDIA

Set in South India this tale of caste, globalisation and sexism won the Booker Prize in 1997
Roy’s original take on storytelling imbues this work with a childlike sense of wonder despite the harsh and serious subject matter that fills each page.

2- Weep not, Child: Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o/Jame Ngugi KENYA

The first English novel to be published by an East African. ‘Weep not, child’ comments on colonialism setting the story around the Mau Mau uprising that occurred between 1952 and 1960. This tale of hope and disappointment is sure to leave an impact, A perfect introduction to Thiong’os literary work.

3- A Fine balance: Rohinton Mistry INDIA

Set in an unnamed seaside city between 1975 and 1984 during the turmoil of The Emergency, a period of increases in government power at the expense of civil liberties. The book focuses on the lives of 4 individuals each forced to share a cramped apartment. Throughout the course of the novel the strangers become close and their reasons for leaving their respective past lives apparent

4- The Other Women – Selected short stories: Grace Ogot KENYA

A collect of short stories all revolving around the experiences of women in Kenyan society taking influence from Kenyan spirituality and commenting on social and cultural issues. The Other Women is sure to enlighten as well as entertain.

5- Naked Fashion: Safia Minney UK

Released four years ago but no less poignant, this riveting guide exploring and outlining the key steps involved in ensuring that the future of fashion is not responsible for the decline of the developing world. Naked Fashion pushes for a brighter tomorrow and is written by none other than People Tree CEO, Safia Minney.


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