Three Fashion Company Top People Meet On The Beach To Talk

Fair Trade Fashion leaders meet in Japan
Fair Trade Fashion leaders meet in Japan


Tsujii Takayuki of Patagonia Japan, Hosokawa Hidekazu of Lee Japan, and Safia Minney of People Tree met at Blue Moon Hayamas’ iconic beach house, to talk about the future of fashion. Facilitated by Rika Sueyoshi, other social entrepreneurs and opinion leaders joined, including Daisuke Kondo, MP for Zushi and founder of Blue Moon,Gen Nagashima, model and founder of Cinema Amigo, Dean Newcombe, model and the People Tree media team. It was a bit like ‘Naked Fashion – The Sustainable Revolution’ book coming to life as the characters on its pages came to life and made a passionate plea to clean up supply chains and make them more transparent and develop a more responsible media that promotes healthier, and happier images and role models.


With an organic lunch in front of you, sand between your toes, and the sound of waves crashing on the beach, surely the tide has to turn to make fashion more sustainable.


Thanks to the team for everything!RIMG0612

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