The True Cost Screening



If you’re an avid People Tree follower you should by now know that we are very excited about ‘The True Cost‘, a documentary film that takes a hard look at the fashion industry today. This friday (the 29th of May) see’s The True Cost getting an international release, you can download it through iTunes or Amazon and host your own screening! There may be a little more tidying up to do but have you ever tried to sneak a Long Island Iced Tea into an Odeon? Not worth the hassle, trust me. If hosting isn’t your cup of tea the kind folks over at The True Cost website have shared a list of all the international locations, dates and times of screenings. Whether you are a self proclaimed fashionista, conscientious shopper or simply love a good docu. The True Cost really needs to be seen to be believed.

Savage Beauty at the V and A



There remains very little unsaid about British born designer Lee Alexander Mcqueen. Thrust further into the spotlight following his untimely death in 2010, forcing the subject of mortality into all conversations surrounding the eccentric creator. Mcqueen consistently flirts with concepts of life and death, fetishizing all that fall in-between that broad spectrum. ‘Savage Beauty’, a posthumous look at some of his most iconographic works is currently on display at the Victoria and Albert museum, running until the 2nd of August this exploration of the merging of masterful garment creation with conceptualism. Whisking you away to a myriad of locations, Savage Beauty does not disappoint, pushing for a pseudo-religious experience this chronological tour of one of Britain’s most beloved and talented artisans promises to amaze and inspire.

Rooftop Film Club



London is not known for its predictable whether, the only thing to expect is the unexpected when it comes to the possibility of deluge. With this in mind we at People Tree HQ were somewhat sceptical at the idea of sitting outside with a box of soggy popcorn in tow. Waterproof poncho’s are provided and if you dress sensibly you can beat the elements, we do suggest checking the weather report before booking however. No one wants to spend an evening simultaneously dodging hail whilst trying to figure out Memento.

The Rooftop Film Club: Has a cinema in Peckham, Shoreditch, Stratford and Kensington with a different film screening at each location

Brockley Street Art Festival



A charming tour through one of London’s most colourful neighbourhoods. This week long community event will allow attendees to actively participate in several events, including the creation of murals and even street knitting!

Dalston Street Feast

A cornucopia of fast food all under one roof, yes your prayers have been answered. Dalston Street Feast is back for a 22 week streak (try saying that one fast). Burgers, hot dogs, crab, pizza and a host of colourful cultural stalls if American-style fast food doesn’t tickle your fancy. Not a fan of eating outside? They’ve also got a host of bespoke craft gins and other spirits. Eat, drink and be merry (for a limited time only).