There’s no denying it, green really is the new black. Ever since the launch of Fashion Revolution, a light has been shone on the fashion industry like never before, and everyone, from high street brands to luxury labels, is feeling the pressure to incorporate eco into their fashion. One of the campaigns leading ethical and sustainable fashion into the mainstream is The Green Carpet Challenge.

Established in 2009 by Livia Firth, founder of Eco-Age, with the support of a huge number of luxury fashion names, The Green Carpet Challenge celebrates the rise of ethical and sustainable fashion. The plan was always two-fold:

  1. To generate a buzz around stylish and glamorous looks that happen to have an ethical angle to them
  2. And secondly, to support a real change in the industry

As Livia herself explained: “We decided early on that the Green Carpet Challenge would work on two levels. On the world’s red carpets to get our favourite A-listers wearing sustainable style in front of the flash bulbs and then deep in the supply chain with real producers all over the world making systemic change.”

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Since then, the campaign has become a trend to the point that now, in 2016, designers and celebrities have a new accolade to chase; come award season, both labels and celebrities are competing to be photographed in the latest sustainable designs.

With The Met Gala just gone and Cannes in full swing, we’re celebrating the best Green Carpet looks of 2016.

For designers, the Green Carpet Challenge is proving to be a brilliant outlet to raise awareness of, not only their steps towards sustainability, but also their innovative design talent. Working with non-conventional materials requires fashion houses to step up their skill level, and many are doing just that.

Calvin Klein, for example, was responsible for three of the key Green Carpet Challenge looks at the Met Gala this year: those of Emma Watson, Lupita Nyong’o and Margot Robbie. Emma Watson’s Met Gala 2016 dress was created using Newlife fabric. This unique yarn is created from plastic bottles, which are sourced, processed and spun in Italy. Inside, Emma’s dress has a lining crafted from organic silk and cotton, while recycled plastic zippers ensure that even the tiniest details were crafted from sustainable sources.

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Lupita Nyong’o wore a stunning jade sequin dress with velvet straps. Like Emma Watson’s look, the dress was a Calvin Klein creation, made entirely at the designers atelier in New York. The team took hours to create the delicate understructure and embroidery on the dress – a true celebration of what careful craftsmanship can achieve.

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The attention and praise this year’s Green Carpet Challenge looks have received from press and of course consumers is truly admirable. With so much attention and praise finally focused on sustainable fashion, we can’t wait to see the next level of innovation and design that this challenge throws up.


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