Global Fair Trade Fashion Show | Behind The Scenes Video

Go behind the scenes at the Fair Trade Fashion show at the Global Fair Trade Week

On 27 May, People Tree brought together 20 Global Fair Trade fashion brands for a unique runway show at the Opening Ceremony of the 12th biennial World Fair Trade Organization conference.

The show offered the extraordinary opportunity to see a catwalk of beautiful garments produced by Fair Trade fashion brands and artisans from Africa, Asia and Latin America. Global Fair Trade Fashion brands joined together to showcase their beautiful products and share the message that Fair Trade fashion is a real alternative to conventional fashion.

Read more about the Global Fair Trade Fashion Show.

Credits: The fashion show was produced by Safia Minney and Beniamino Muroni of People Tree and featured 14 models from Lentes Dos Sonhos.

Special thanks to the Fair Trade Fashion Brands who participated in the show:

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