Christmas season is the time of the year to slow down and enjoy the special atmosphere in the air. This is why it’s also the time to share your joy, spread love and do good. Giving back is our key motto this Christmas – not only to our loved ones and those who support us, but also to our beautiful world and all the people who aren’t as blessed as we are.


We’re supporting communities in Nepal, Bangladesh and India throughout the whole year. By producing Fair Trade fashion we help them to build comfortable livelihoods. You can empower these communities too by shopping fair produced artisan products as Christmas gifts this year! It sure puts an even brighter smile on the presentee’s face as well as knowing that this present is serving a good cause for the giving season.



We also want to give back to our beautiful earth (it’s the only one we’ve got!) and make sure we protect it well by celebrating a sustainable Christmas. This starts with the choice of food, the presents you buy and also the wrapping options you go for.



We know Christmas traditions are precious and we sure don’t want you to give up on them. However we would like to introduce some new traditions to you that you might adapt to make your festivities equally great, just more ethical.


So here are our top easy tips on how to celebrate a Conscious Christmas this year!

  1. Support small businesses
  2. Shop Fair Trade and Sustainable products
  3. Make sure to choose products with a meaning that will be cherished for a long time – ask for wish lists to make sure no gifts are ending up unused
  4. Shop consciously. Sometimes less is more. How about doing Secret Santa this year?
  5. Donate the saved money to a good cause
  6. Buy (mostly) local food. And store the leftovers – you’ll be glad you did on the day after the Christmas party
  7. Gift DIY all-natural presents that will use up. How about a bodyscrub or a scented candle? Also infused oil or liquor, Christmas punch spice mix and selfmade sweets make a lovely treat. There’s plenty of inspiration out there!
  8. Go for sustainable wrapping options. These are our favourites:
  • Old newspaper decorated with stamps and drawings
  • Recyclable paper
  • Old cloth
  • Hemp or bast twines instead of silky plastic bows
  • Skip on the sticky tape and just use ribbon instead
  • Cloth bags
  • Reusable boxes
  • Stockings
  • Empty Jars
  • Decorate with natural materials like cinnamon, dried oranges, fir twigs & cones
  • Reuse wrappings!



We hope this quick guide will be an inspiration for you to have an ethical Christmas this year. Most importantly, we hope you’re all enjoying the season’s magical spirit and have wonderful festivities with your loved ones. Spreading joy and love, that’s what it’s all about!