Fairtrade Fortnight is over but that doesn’t mean we have to stop our newly picked up habits, instead we want to continue the changes we made last week. So to inspire you to join us sticking to our new Fairtrade lifestyle, we put together some tips which make it easy to make the switch.


Buy Fairtrade

The specific role of Fairtrade is to support farmers and suppliers in the developing world, so their product range focuses on products that can only be grown in the warm climates of those countries like bananas, tea and flowers.

Did you know that over 4,500 of these certified products are for sale through retail and catering outlets in the UK? This shows that buying Fairtrade doesn’t mean sacrifice but there is a broad selection you can choose from, covering coffee to cotton.



Fairtrade Certified Bananas (Photo Credit: Fairtrade UK)


The Fairtrade mark 

All these products carry the Fairtrade mark and it is important to check for this label. Even if a product claims to be fair trade, it is only certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation and fully complying with their standards, if it shows their logo. You can check on your national Fairtrade homepage to find all the products available and the stores selling them.

Just like the bananas on the photo, most of People Tree’s organic cotton garments carry the Fairtrade mark. This guarantees small scale farmers in developing countries receive a fair and stable price for their cotton and an additional premium which gives them the opportunity to develop their communities.


People Tree Fairtrade Certified Cotton


Since 1996 People Tree has been a registered and active member of the World Fairtrade Organization and we’re proud to have been the first ever clothing company to receive their product mark to underline our efforts.


WFTO Members

The WFTO is an internationally recognised organisation that aims to improve the livelihoods of disadvantaged producers by linking and promoting Fair Trade organisations and speaking out for greater justice in World Trade.

All their members have to ensure to meet their 10 standards of Fair Trade, People Tree was actively involved in writing these guidelines which equally address economic and social topics.



More than that, being a Fairtrade member also means to raise awareness on the topic as this – believe it or not – has a massive impact. So if you want to support and promote a Fairtrade lifestyle, our last advice is crucial:


Spread the word

The Fairtrade Foundation suggests many ideas how you can get involved in your community and also offers free promotional materials available to order from their online-shop.

You can follow their socials, comment, share, tag and contribute to conversations so more attention will be drawn to their work.

Detailed and clear answers to any possible question you could think of can be found on their FAQ page. Have a read and share this information with your friends and family so they’ll see how easy it is to include Fairtrade into daily life.