SS16 is finally here, and our design team is busy celebrating the beautiful Spring colours, so come join us 🙂

This season sees us aligning once again with styles from yesteryear as the hot tan colours of Seventies fashion shine through to the elegant tapestry vintage florals, proving that fashion trends really do repeat themselves. With London Fashion Week rocking the capital and People Tree’s SS16 collection making its way into your closets, we’re getting even more in the mood with a look at the wider spring fashion trends, and in particular, the colour palette of this season.

Natural calm

This year’s colours were inspired by the art world and use tones that bring back calm and relaxation, with many designers suggesting the intention of this palette is to encourage people to reconnect with nature. According to colour pros Pantone’s analysis of the collections, the Top 10 colours this season have some fantastic names and look even better: Rose Quartz, Serenity, Peach Echo, Fiesta, Snorkel Blue, Buttercup, Lilac Grey, Green Flash, Iced Coffee and Limpet Shell. Take a look below to read more about these magical colours.

Warmth and friendship

A contrast of two glowing orange colours is fast becoming a defining statement for this season. The first one has been dubbed ‘Peach Echo’ or ‘Fiesta’ by colour legends Pantone. Peach Echo brings in the warm and friendly qualities of the upcoming months and is predicted to bring utter joy to all who wear this soft orange colour.

Fiesta is a brighter shade which encourages excitement and attracts the more free-spirited among us. This strong red-based hue provides a bolder approach to its sister colour Peach Echo.

Partners in colour

Another duo-themed colour is ‘Limpet Shell’ and ‘Snorkel Blue’, one we’re a particular fan of at People Tree. We love the strong navy tone from Snorkel and the sense of clarity and freshness from Limpet.

‘Serenity’ and ‘Lilac Gray’ boast similar aspects as Serenity becomes a transcendent blue, blending in with Lilac Gray and its distinctive edge to the classic grey.

Bright and calm

With the general colour theme this season focused on calm, ‘Buttercup’ shakes up the mix and brings in a strong contrast to the otherwise mellow tones, transporting the Spring/Summer collections wearer to a bright Summer dream.

‘Iced Coffee’ brings us full circle to the Seventies suede shade with its natural earth tones, creating a stable foundation when combined with the rest of this season’s palette.

And our final number from the 10 key colour influencers this season is ‘Green Flash’, a brilliant representative of nature’s consistent influence.

If all this colourful chat has got you thinking about your Spring wardrobe, have a quick look at our SS16 collection and see some stunning colour ranges in action on our beautiful organic clothes. If you want to be the first to hear about the latest People Tree styles and offers give us a follow on Twitter, we’ll keep you in the loop!