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Safia Minney, People Tree’s Founder and CEO, introduces our new Autumn Winter 13 Collection.

The organic cotton farmers in India who grow People Tree's cotton
The organic cotton farmers in India who grow People Tree’s cotton

The People Tree team care passionately about bringing you sustainably designed, good quality fashion.

slow fashion tee Our new collection draws inspiration from craft and nature. Much of it has been hand knitted or hand embroidered and many fabrics are traditionally hand woven. Hand skills provide environmental sustainability and support rural communities in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Kenya. Over two thirds of all People Tree clothing is made with 100% organic cotton.

We have produced much of this collection slowly and with respect to people and the environment.
photo 3 By refining this process, the care we take not only brings you a better quality garment, but also makes a positive impact on the community that made it. The tragedy in Bangladesh (although shocking) was no surprise to me, having campaigned to improve workers’ rights there for over 20 years. People Tree launched Rag Rage with the support of organisations and opinion leaders to demand the fashion industry to clean up its act.

photo 4
There are many ways to show you care about sustainable fashion.

Ask fashion companies about their practices. Buy lest fast fashion. Buy more Fair Trade, ethical and second-hand clothing. From small things like buying organic and Fair Trade, right through to putting pressure on business to make their practices environmentally sustainable, there is still a lot of progress to be made.

Hoping you will join us in spreading the word and choose something gorgeous from our new nature inspired collection. Slow fashion rocks!

Safia Minney
Founder and CEO of People Tree
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