Safia Minney interviews DJ Nuno dos Santos

Safia Minney and DJ Nuno dos Santos at People Tree in Japan
Safia Minney and DJ Nuno dos Santos

Safia Minney, Founder and CEO of People Tree, caught up with DJ Nuno dos Santos whilst recently at People Tree in Japan. Nuno dos Santos was born in Portugal and now lives in the Netherlands. Safia chatted with Nuno about why he wears People Tree – and found out a whole lot more about his curiosity for fresh music and why wearing organic is important to his lifestyle as a busy DJ.

Safia Minney: Thank you for coming to the shop! I hear you’ve been wearing People Tree when you DJ?

Nuno dos Santos: I was introduced to People Tree by Marieke at Charlie + Mary, your representatives in Holland, they showed me some clothes – trousers and shirts. When I wore them they felt really breathable and fitted well.

Is it about style or functionality, or both?  What material it’s made from? What’s the most important thing for you when you’re dressing for a big night?

Nuno on the decks wearing People Tree
Nuno on the decks wearing People Tree

It’s all about the music. I’m not a DJ that really goes for the spotlight. If the fabric is great and it fits well, then it’s functional. Even then I’m also sweating a lot! I’m focused and dancing a litle because I’m into the music. So even if it breaths, sometimes it’s still all wet!

So, tell me about the music!

I like music with emotion. Music that’s also energetic, that you can dance to, but that has something a bit more alternative like an Indie band. So I try to be somewhere in-between. I want to give the crowd something special – rather than just going crazy.

Whom do you admire?

I like all kinds of music. One band that comes to mind is Grizzly Bear, from New York. I like to listen to them when I’m just chilling at home. And a DJ that I really like is a guy from France called Laurent Garnier – he’s really great.  He’s been doing it for 30 years and he’s still at the top of his game.

So how important is it that what you eat and what you wear fits with your values and life style?

I think in the beginning, when I started to play, it wasn’t that important. But you become a little bit older and now it’s more difficult for me to play on Friday and Saturday and still be fit on Sunday and Monday! So I try to do a little sport and some yoga. I try not to drink too much on the nights where I’m playing. I see it more as work: I come play and then I leave.

I try to buy organic food. I live near one shop where I can get that stuff, so that’s good. And now I’m hunting out sustainably-made and organic cotton clothes too!

Is it more important for you that People Tree’s clothes are organic or Fair Trade?

Both are equally important. For me Fair Trade, organic clothing was a new concept. I’d never thought about it before actually. I was buying organic food and everything and then I thought, oh yeah, the clothes!  So I started to think about it after Marieke at Charlie + Mary told me the story of Fair Trade and organic cotton.

It’s so cool that you wear People Tree, because unfortunately too few men buy Fair Trade Fashion. Only 8% of all our clothing is menswear and often it’s women who buy it for the man in their life! What would your advice be to People Tree to attract more men?

The thing is when I find a pair of trousers I really want to buy, then I want them in many colours and different shades. Maybe blue or green-grey would be good?

Want to know more about Nuno dos Santos?

Nuno plays regularly at Trouw in Amsterdam with his musical partner Patrice Baumel.  They form the production and DJ duo “360” and their successful monthly residency at Trouw has a reputation for constantly pushing the boundaries of electronic dance music. Listen to the brilliant track Nuno was making whilst he was in Japan – and lots more – on Nuno’s Soundcloud page.

We love Nuno’s style and his sounds, and hope he’ll continue to wear People Tree Menswear for it’s comfort and versatility. Wij houden van Nuno!

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