Love the World: Safia Minney interviews Hardeep Singh Kohli

Safia Minney, People Tree Founder and CEO: Hardeep Singh Kohli is a British writer, radio and television presenter, and comedian. For The Thread today, I interviewed Hardeep about his views on fashion and why he is a People Tree Ambassador…and tried not to giggle, too much!!

Safia Minney and Hardeep Singh Kholi share the love this Valentines Day.
Safia Minney and Hardeep Singh Kholi share the love this Valentines Day.

Safia: Why did you want to be a People Tree Ambassador?

Hardeep: I love clothes but I also love social justice. There’s no need to exploit the planet and its workers in the name of fashion. While other brands have tried to be worthy they have forgotten style and fashion. People Tree is about looking good AND feeling good. I love the clothes!

What are your favourite People Tree pieces? Why?

I love the t shirts. So many t-shirts purport to have a message but People Tree combine humour with that message. They’re really well made, robust and well designed.

The last collection of knitwear was amazing and I love my big blue cable jumper.

You have very strong views about fashion, with London Fashion Week upon us, do you think customer thinking is changing? Do they care more about the safety and human rights of the people who make their clothes after the Rana Plaza tragedy?

I hope so. I really do. We cannot sustain the current business models. People are buying cheap, exploitative products for what? So we can look good on a budget? That’s disgusting.

Which country and People Tree Fair Trade group would you like to visit and why?

I’d love to go to India for very obvious reasons! In going that in my new role I might be able to influence a new range of turbans….

You change the colour of your turban every day! You choose pink for us this Valentine ’s Day – what’s your message of love to the world?

Love the World. It’s loved us for long enough…

Want more?  Why not follow Hardeep on Twitter @misterhsk? And pop over to the People Tree website to see all of the quirky organic cotton t-shirts for women and men in our new Spring Summer 2014 collection.

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