People Tree Model and Ambassador Rebecca Pearson travelled Bangladesh to model for our summer catalogue, which is landing on our customer’s doorsteps soon. Each day this week, we are sharing notes from Rebecca’s Bangladesh diary. Read about Day 1 and Day 2, and come back tomorrow for Day 4.


Day 3: Shooting

I awake before sunrise. The day is ridiculously humid and hot, and the physical work of modelling – running backwards and forwards, squeezing into clothes – is tiring. I have modelled for 13 years, so I’m rather used to it. The local farmers and their children are fascinated by my modelling; I feel motivated to show them how it’s done. We finish by 10 am and then have breakfast.
I visit the local school and day-care centres funded by the profit from People Tree orders. I loved meeting all the kids in the school! The kids here are well-behaved and speak amazing English. I let some of them tickle me, and get told off, because it makes them too wild for their poor teachers to control! Kids follow us around everywhere, always smiling and cheering. Dean lifts them in the air and becomes an instant hit.
The women here can work more freely than in a garment factory – fitting their work around childcare, allowing them to supplement their factory income. Nearby is an informal school for children who have fallen behind because they are required by their families to work the land. It’s a tiny room, but decorated with garlands and paper chains. It’s interesting to see how vulnerable sections of an already poor society are supported.
Late afternoon means more shooting, this time in the section of the factory where women do embroidery. Women sit together on beds and embroider the hand woven fabrics. It seems very communal and supportive. I am tired and dusty by this point, but a cup of sugary tea helps!
Dean and I act couply for the camera at a local market. It’s great to see a bit more of Bangladesh. I don’t enjoy the hustle and bustle of the market after Thanapara, which is a serene village. However, I sit in the back of a rickshaw for the journey back, starring at a starry sky while fireflies twinkle in the trees around us. Then it’s time for dinner and early to bed.

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