Organic Punk | How you can do Punk beauty with an organic twist…

Louise Dartford is a make-up artist and beauty writer with a passion for natural, eco-beauty. As well as being a wonderful make-up artist and all round lovely person, Louise is here to show us that eco-beauty is cool, and that we don’t need harsh, unsustainable or untested chemicals to look good. Enjoy this guest post about how-to wear punk inspired makeup this season…

Organic Punk

There was a strong punk theme running through the Autumn Winter 13 catwalk shows this season, evident in the clothes and beauty. Dark eyes, graphic liner, dark lips versus nude lips; there was a mix of looks, but so many of them reflected an exciting modern punk edge.Catwalk PUNK

Vivienne Westwood’s Anglomania, Holly Fulton, Louise Gray, Clements Ribiero and Betsey Johnson all experimented with pale skin, strong lips, dark eyes and sharp cheekbones at London Fashion Week this year, creating dramatic but fun punk looks.

This is the perfect season to play with stronger make-up. Punk is all about breaking the rules: team strong eyes with strong lips…have fun with it!

Defiant Eyes

Use liquid liner for a bold sharp line on the eyes. Take it close along the lashes, pulling it up and out at the edge. Be creative with your shape. Organic Glam Liquid Eyeliner from The Organic Pharmacy is a great one to experiment with.

Deafiant Eyes

Make-up: Lou Dartford, Photographer: Mathew Shave





Smoldering Rebel

For more of a smoldering punk, smudge black kohl around the eyes. For our AW13 People Tree shoot, I used Vapour Organic Beauty’s Mesmerize Eyeliner Pencil. Draw a line along your top and bottom lashes, getting as close to the roots as you can. It doesn’t have to be perfect as you can blend it out with a cotton bud or small brush. For extra intensity, draw the pencil along your inner rim too.

Make-up: Lou Dartford, Photographer: Mike Blachett

Make-up: Lou Dartford, Photographer: Mike Blachett





Anarchic Lashes

Try something different. If you normally wear liner just along your top lashes, try it along the bottom instead – this was a big look on the AW13 runway. A smudged line is more flattering than a hard one; use some dark eye shadow for a softer look.

Whatever your chosen eye, pair it with lots of mascara. I love Green People’s Organic Volumising Mascara for full and soft lashes.

Anarchic Lashes

Make-up: Lou Dartford, Photographer: Mike Blachett





Lawless Lips

Lips are whatever you want them to be! Keep them nude if you like your eyes to be the main focus, or play them up with daring colours. Punk black may be hard for an everyday look, so go for deep, rich reds or plums to make a statement.

My current favourite is Ilia’s Femme Fatale, I used this on our model Rebecca during our last People Tree shoot for a Punk twist, and it looks great with a dark eye.Lawless Lips

Make-up: Andrew Gallimore for Holly Fulton AW13, LFW

Keep everything else pared down. Use a lightweight foundation and minimal blush to keep the look cool but still fresh-faced.

Embrace your inner Punk Princess with People Tree this Autumn!

People Tree Punk Princess collection

We’re sure you’ll agree from her great work on model Rebecca during our Autumn Winter shoot, that she’s created some stunning Organic Punk looks with her natural beauty kit. You can shop our great new Autumn/Winter collection HERE.

Would you like to share your Punk looks with us? Tweet us shots of your Punk make-up expressions @peopletree or share with us on Facebook- we’d love to see them!



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