People Tree stockists celebrate World Fair Trade Day

On Saturday 11 May 2013, People Tree celebrated World Fair Trade Day with the Happy Life campaign. Happy Life celebrated the difference that Fair Trade makes.

People Tree celebrated Happy Life in collaboration with our stockists and Fair Trade producers. People Tree has 200 stockists in Europe and 400 in Japan. People Tree partners with Fair Trade groups in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Kenya and Peru. It was a great day!

Swallows, a Fair Trade group in Bangladesh, held a celebration. So did KTS in Nepal.


Shops in Europe and across the U.K celebrated the day with beautiful People Tree products hanging in shop windows against our 2013 World Fair Trade Day posters. Original merchandising and bespoke décor featured, with The Keep in the bustling Brixton village creating an arty display.


The Fair shop in Brighton kept it clean and simple. A classically framed poster did the job at Air Clothing with clean and simple window displays down at Hibiscus and Le Loup.


Recycled sari throws and colourful scarves decorated the stand at the Fair Traders Cooperative along with Fair Trade themed bunting to mark the occasion! It was a great day that generated support and interest amongst many of our stockists.

A special thank you to our stockists and producer groups who helped us celebrate World Fair Trade Day!

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