People Tree joins the BigIF at Hyde Park

Models wear People Tree at the BigIF Campaign

People Tree had a fantastic time at the Big If Campaign at Hyde Park on 8 June!

When we arrived at Hyde Park, we were kept waiting at the entrance by the police in order to allow 300 dress horses to pass us! We used the time well, handing out our SS13 catalogues through the windows of the police car and chatting to them about Fair Trade fashion. One of the officers suggested that it would be fantastic if People Tree could supply the Metropolitan police force with organic cotton, Fair Trade shirts. It was a brilliant start to the day.

We set up next to Pants for Poverty and Divine Chocolate in the social enterprise section. We found that the children who visited were really thrilled at touching organic cotton and asking more about where it comes from. We had such a fun day, meeting people who were hearing about People Tree for the first time and who were really keen to learn more. We also loved meeting People Tree customers who were wearing People Tree and came to tell us. Keep up the good work!

The sun was shining (thankfully) and we took the opportunity to join the queue of people waiting patiently to plant their spinning flowers as part of the Big IF installation representing the 2 million children who die each year as a result of hunger.

Misato, one of our talented designers, made a unique and beautiful origami flower, which impressed those who were planting nearby! The display was incredibly heartening. The scale of it was huge, and showed just how many people had come together for the BigIF Campaign.

Want to do more? Read the latest updates on the EnoughIF website and blog and act now to demand an end to tax dodging!

Many thanks to those who came to visit us on the day and congratulations to the lucky winner of a £250 People Tree wardrobe!

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