People Tree is passionate about materials, prints and details. We love experimenting with new textiles and techniques and we are proud of how we work with craftsman to create a totally different fashion company.

This Spring / Summer our team developed a collection of beautiful summery garments handmade with the traditional block printing method. The range includes a top, a tunic and a maxi dress, all unique pieces crafted by our artisans with the block printing technique.


Hand-Block printing

As you know, People Tree loves colourful print dresses and tops, many of them hand printed. Originally, this method was developed in the 14th century in Bangladesh as a way of decorating clothing. Kumudini, created our latest hand block SS18 collection, we have included it into our designs to maintain this ancient skill and partner with this Bangladeshi Fair Trade producers who specialise in hand block printing fabric.

To create contemporary and timeless garments, our team works closely with the artisans to combine modern designs with traditional patterns. After designing the print and having worked out how to layer colours and shapes, the actual crafting process begins.


The artisans prepare wooden blocks that will be used to print the fabric. Therefore the piece of wood first needs to be sanded.

Next, the actual pattern will be carved into the blocks with the help of stencils.

This task requires talent and a lot of precision, resulting in beautiful unique block templates.

For the printing, the artisans lay fabric straight on very long tables and then mix the colours. They then work carefully to print one colour at a time, placing each block with experienced accuracy to layer the colours and create a unique print.


Our producer partner Kumudini

Kumudini is a social business in Bangladesh that People Tree partners with for gorgeous block printed and hand embroidered garments, reviving traditional skills to create unique designs.

Kumudini is especially known for their bright and beautiful colours, which makes them the perfect partner for our hand prints. The dyes used are environmentally friendly and safe being made from non-hazardous chemical dyes or natural resources such as flowers, leaves, barks and other plants.

The artisans at Kumudini produce garments with techniques rooted in the ancient textile heritage of Bangladesh. They promote traditional crafts supporting artisans across the country to provide them with a regular income. Profits are reinvested to assist in the maintenance of a hospital that offers nursing training and free medical treatment to the staff and low income families.


Artisans at Kumudini


Knowing who made your clothes has never been easier at People Tree. We think buying handcrafted garments is officially the most satisfying way to support talented artisans and protect our environment.

Have a look at our handmade blockprint collection here and if you want to learn more about this traditional technique, check out this video of our producer Assisi.