As a pioneer in Fair Trade fashion, People Tree has always paused for reflection on World Fair Trade Day, and this 14th May is no different.

Over the past 25 years we’ve seen the fashion industry change shape many times. In our time in the Fair Trade fashion marketplace we’ve also had a very direct connection with shoppers, stylists and fashionistas themselves. And we can say with delight that we’ve never seen so much awareness among consumers as there is now. Fair Trade, once assumed to be ‘too hippy’, has become a desirable label among consumers.

World Fair Trade Day celebrates this evolution and the thousands of incredible people around the world who have worked tirelessly to provide consumers with ethical alternatives to clothes and products created at the expense of people and the planet.

The World Fair Trade Day campaign tagline – Be an Agent for Change – encapsulates the fantastic work being done to create sustainable development.


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Establishing a Fair Trade fashion shop, outlet or product is a praiseworthy achievement (and incidentally one we’d love to hear about from you if you’ve done it!). But you don’t need to change your career to become an agent for change; if you support Fair Trade by continuing to make fair purchasing choices regardless of the temptations that are thrown at us day-in, day-out, you too are an agent for change.

The World Fair Trade Day initiative makes it clear that the brighter future People Tree and so many of our customers have been dreaming of will only become a reality if we all work together to achieve this.

Like all of the agents for change we’ve had the honour to work with and for, People Tree is striving for a world in which there will be no such thing as a Fair Trade fashion brand, we will simply be a fashion brand, operating within an industry that is itself inherently fair and ethical to the people, resources and planet it relies on.

But until that day, we will continue to depend upon fantastic initiatives such as World Fair Trade Day to highlight just why Fair Trade is so desperately needed in our world today.


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