Where Do Your Bananas Come From?


As it’s Fairtrade Fortnight, we think its only fair to talk about Fairtrade bananas!

Next in our People Tree Bookshelf series is Ruth Walton’s charming and educational exploration of one of the nation’s favourite fruits.

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Despite being aimed at children, we found out that what we did not know about bananas can easily fill its own book! Juliana’s Bananas is packed full of fun facts and recipes lovingly placed amongst a selection of eye catching graphics.

Did you know that bananas grow all year round? Reaching heights of 25 feet the banana plant is the largest herb in the world! Bananas can also get sick, with a variety of species exported from different countries. The Cavendish is the most common breed enjoyed in the United Kingdom and is expected to become extinct within the next 30 years.


Set in the Windward Islands, an archipelago in the West Indies. Juliana’s Bananas whisks the reader away to an exotic location, placing them smack bang in the middle of a family dependant on the income that their Fair Trade banana crop provides. Sharing in the trials and tribulations of Juliana who has to deal with the threat of disease and harsh weather conditions, both of which would prove detrimental to her crop.

Interspersed amongst the domestic narrative are facts regarding Fair Trade and its importance. Outlining the ‘Fairtrade Premium’ an additional form of funding put in place to allow farmers to further invest in their business. Fairtrade Premium isn’t limited to just agriculture however, it has been used to finance social projects and purchase new school equipment making it an invaluable asset in the development of suppliers and their respective overseas communities.


One thing we loved about Juliana’s Bananas was the approach to imagery, incorporating photo collage as a medium, the playful visuals really helped bring the information to life. Hand drawn illustrations layered amongst the eye-catching photography ensures the undivided attention of the reader from cover to cover.

Juliana’s Bananas promises an enjoyable and informative experience for all ages. Its striking visual style and relatable characters helps to further cement the messages that fill each page, making it a viable means of educating children about the importance of Fair Trade consumerism.

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  1. i never knew this info on bananas how fabulous to learn something new. im a big follower of fair trade keep on rocking people youre fab

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