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The Global Bakery

Fairtrade Fortnight may have come and gone, but following the People Tree team bake sale on Friday 27th February, we decided to have a look for some more recipes for future use.

We browsed our bookshelves and found our favourite recipes and got to work making them, using as many Fair Trade ingredients as possible.

One book which we decided to use was ‘The Global Bakery’ by Anna Weston, which promises ‘amazing cakes from the world`s kitchen’ and had our mouths watering from the moment we saw the delicious cakes, pictured throughout.

Weston was inspired to trial cake recipes from all corners of the globe after meeting a variety of people, from different countries and continents, as part of her job at the New Internationalist. This delightful recipe book takes you on a tour of the world, allowing you to indulge in a whole host of flavours, and all from the comfort of your own kitchen!

In Anna`s world, baking is seen as a holistic activity, as cakes have a ‘purpose to their production’.

“I see making a cake at home for family and friends as a gesture of love and affection” states Anna, sharing her personal views on the art of baking.

When we read that Anna`s colleagues were to ‘endure’ the results of her hobby by being her ‘guinea pigs’, we could not help but feel a little jealous of the New Internationalist team. We are sure that she thoroughly enjoyed carrying out the taste testing, as she states, “the joy of this book is that it takes both the cook and the taster out of their comfort zones.”

Global Bakery offers something for all. There are easy recipes for `baking newbies` and long, carefully detailed descriptions for the `masters of cake arts`. Flipping through the book you come across names such as ‘Gâteau Moelleux á l`Ananas et á la Noix de Coco’ which may be daunting to begin with, but once translated to ‘Soft Cake with Pineapple and Coconut’ may sit with you a little more comfortably. Regardless of the difficulty of the recipe, Anna promises that if her guidance is followed word-for-word, with the exclusion of any short cuts, you too will be able to create some wonderful sweet treats.

If the encouraging words and promising pictures were not enough, Anna really caught our attention when mentioning the idea that ‘we give little thought to the origins of the recipes we use’. As you may already know, the origin and sourcing of our materials, craftsmanship and products is extremely important to us here at People Tree, so this notion is very relatable for us as a company.

Another aspect of ‘The Global Bakery’ which we really liked, was that the author had drawn new geographical borderlines, determined by flavours and traditional cooking techniques, and not by politics.

As Anna has already completed many long hours of investigation and experimentation, all that’s left for us to do is bake and eat these amazing looking cakes – happy baking!


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