People Tree and the Soil Association | Top Picks for Organic September

SA_SCBD_Fashion&Textiles_Logo_CMYK_AWThis month Soil Association is inviting people across the UK to  celebrate Organic September – Small Changes, Big Difference. The campaign is all about the impact that you and I can make by switching just one household or everyday item to organic.

People making one small change to their shopping habits can make a huge difference to sustainable food, animal welfare and the environment. Some of the small changes you can make include switching to organic milk, eggs, or apples or even buying an organic cotton t-shirt.

Abi Edgar works on Campaigns and Membership at the Soil Association, and is a long-term fan of People Tree’s organic Womenswear. She tells us that People Tree workwear is hugely popular within her office among her female colleagues…we wonder if they ever turn up to work in the same People Tree dress?!

Abi Image 1
Abi Edgar, Campaign Manager at the Soil Association

Here she picks her favourite styles from our gorgeous Autumn Winter collection, and tells us how they’ll make a difference to her own Organic September this month.

Abi’s Picks for Organic September

Cece Bodycon Dress

Cece Bodycon dress - the ideal LBD
Cece Bodycon dress – the ideal LBD!

The Cece Bodycon Dress in black is an ideal wardrobe staple, for so many reasons! People Tree make it easy for me to find organic clothing that suits the different things I do in my life. I can dress this beautifully shaped pencil dress up for meetings, or down for our relaxed office atmosphere at work. I tend to pair anything and everything with flip-flops or bare feet when it comes to our office…even in the Autumn! This dress works great with loads of long necklaces and bracelets with, and I can layer over a chunky knit with leggings and boots if I feel like being cosy. 

Leopard Leggings and Ruth Batwing Top

Leopard Print Leggings – are you a Fashion Animal?

Animal print leggings are without a doubt my favourite clothing item ever since I was 18 (and could wear them with a crop top!). The crop top might have turned into a knee-length jumper these days…but the leggings rock on. Being able to choose a pair of my favourite kind of leggings made from organic cotton is exciting and important for me – People Tree are helping me keep my fashion passion alive!

I can enjoy wearing them even more knowing they were made in an environmentally-friendly way (producing organic cotton uses less water) and that they’ve have had a positive impact on the people who made them. Organic cotton production doesn’t use dangerous pesticides, thus protecting farmers’ lives and the environment – proof that a small change really can make a big difference.

Nathalie Autumn Floral Dress

Nathalie Floral Dress
Vintage florals with a bright modern twist

Wearing this Floral Dress puts a spring in my step! It’s great to know I can be fashionable with a conscience. I love that I can wear it smart with heels, or go for a mix of girlie and tough by pairing it with boots.
This pretty number will soon be wearing its way to the Soil Association Annual Conference in Westminster on the 9th of October. The conference is set to discuss food culture, farming and production, and with a genuine organic comedian and a  Ceilidh band, I’ll need a dress I can dance in once a great day of debates and discussions have taken place!

Thank you Abi for sharing your top picks from our latest collection!

We look forward to Organic September making a real difference.

If we all make a small change we can make BIG things happen this September…


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  1. Great picks! The A/W collection is so on trend this year, and looks effortlessly stylish. I love that People Tree make is easy for ethical fashion enthusiasts to not only look good but to know that the clothing has come from a good source and your money goes to a good place. Each piece can be suited for different styles too, so there’s something for everyone. Which I love because I think it’s always good to mix things up. We need to support more positive causes like this, so we can make a real difference in the effects our consumer habits have on the world.

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