Peace One Day is happening shortly and if you go onto their website– it’s almost as exciting as counting down to Christmas with a big ‘counter’ running along the top. They are counting down the hours and minutes until 21st September as it is a very special day for Jeremy Gilley, the founder of Peace One Day, which is an NGO that actively promotes global peace. Peace One Day actively works in both areas of conflict and with local communities, which led to this day being officially adopted by the United Nations member states as its annual day of “Global Ceasefire and Non-Violence”.

Part of Peace One Day’s global appeal is that the work they are doing in conflict zones is proving to be minimising violence and their real ambition is that as many people as possible are involved and actively doing something to create peace.

In 2014 the Peace One Day Report supported by McKinsey & Company found that “over 1 billion people were exposed to Peace Day messages. Of those exposed, 610 million are now aware of the day, with an estimated 10 million people behaving more peacefully on the day as a result.” This statement seems bold until you begin to look at all the partners supporting this day and read through the Impact reports or in true Gilley style, watch the Impact reports!


Of course, at People Tree we have supported this campaign annually as we very much are working towards these goals through our long term partnering and commitment to the producer groups that we work with, some of whom have been subject to violence and conflict.

Peace One Day continues to encourage organisations and individuals to take specific actions to reduce violence around the theme: Who Will You Make Peace With?

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved: from attending the many different events that are being held to supporting their global online thunderclap. Be part of Peace Day by uploading a photo of yourself doing the Peace sign on Sept 21st using the hashtag #PeaceDay and please do tag @peopletree as we would like to be involved too.

Or if you’re based in London, there’s still time to join some of the PT team and dance to Basement Jaxx’s live set at Koko: http://www.koko.uk.com/news/peace-one-day-celebration-life-and-peace

Whatever you do, we hope you have a peaceful day.



Safia Minney’s peace message to you

Peace comes from empowerment and community development. I’ve seen how Fair Trade brings prosperity to the poorest and most economically disadvantaged families – how through training and fair prices they are able to send their children to school and take a long term view about what they need to strengthen in their society. Peace comes about through a more socially just society and through system that promotes people’s rights. A village with a good healthy economy and democratic social systems means that people are proud, excited about their future and able to invest in stronger local systems whether they are awareness raising against child marriage, drug trafficking, domestic violence or creating an inclusive society that cuts through ethnic and religious differences. Fair Trade creates prosperity, democracy and real understanding.

Peace One Day for me reminds me of meeting Jude Law years back and his excitement in Peace One Day and the change it can bring to our international consciousness. At People Tree we’ve put together a company where peace, democracy and understanding run through the DNA of everything we do. Fair Trade and buying Fair Trade is the key way that we in the first world, where we enjoy relative peace, can support peace globally. I hope you’ll want to join us this Peace One Day to celebrate a more responsible way of shopping and a new system to build peace.

– Safia Minney, People Tree CEO