By now you should know that at People Tree we are mad for organic cotton, but did you know that this also extends to the produce we consume?

We’re all natural, all organic (and still all Fair Trade). But if you haven’t made the switch yet we’ve prepared a palatable list of reasons for you to sink your teeth into.

More Desirable Antioxidants:

When you go organic you get more of the good stuff – it’s that simple. Studies by the British Journal of Nutrition, show that organic fruit and veg contained between 19% – 69% more antioxidants than their non-organic counterpart. Suggesting the nutritional benefits of switching to organic produce are akin to adding almost two portions to your 5 a day. Delicious.


Less pesticide residue:

Pesticides are a chemical or biological agent designed to kill insects or weeds. Not only do they have adverse effects on the environment, being known to contribute to soil and water pollution. But they are harmful to humans as well. It’s estimated that each year 3 million agriculture workers in the developing world will experience severe poisoning from pesticides due to inadequate safety precautions.

By now it should come as no surprise that organic produce contains less pesticides but even we were shocked by the difference. Testing on conventionally farmed fruit revealed a shocking 75% pesticide frequency, with vegetables at 35%. Compared to the 10% scientists found on organically farmed produce, which they believe was a result of cross contamination from neighbouring fields.


Less potentially harmful cadmium and nitrogen:

Cadmium accumulates in the liver and kidneys and is one of only three toxic contaminants (alongside mercury and lead) which the European Commission has set permitted contamination levels. When tested, conventional crops were found to contain considerably higher levels of: cadmium, nitrite and nitrate. Known to be nutritionally undesirable as they are potential risk factors for stomach cancer.

Any reduction of cadmium and nitrogen (regardless of how small) is medically viewed as a positive.


Production method affects quality:

It’s true! A recent study by Newcastle University confirmed that “the quality of the food is directly influenced by the way it is produced”. Don’t believe us? Not only does organic crop taste marginally better in the rawest form, using them as ingredients will guarantee richer more flavourful dishes.


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