For the first time ever, for AW16, our handwoven styles are made with  organic cotton, by our producer partners Dev Tech in Bangladesh. 


One of the key principles of People Tree is supporting local culture and heritage that surround our producer partners in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. We do this by working with skilled crafts people who would otherwise struggle to find work or markets for their products.

Handweaving is one of the many hand skills that we celebrate in our designs at People Tree. A highly skilled method of fabric production, it is an industry that is sadly struggling, due to the mechanisation of textile production. We have been working with our producer partners in Bangladesh and India for years to produce our beautiful, handwoven garments that celebrate this skill and support skilled artisans.

However, it has been a struggle to get organic cotton onto our handlooms. A certain quality of cotton yarn is required for handweaving and in the past we have been unable to find an organic cotton yarn suitable.

Happily, for AW16 and beyond we are delighted to have found an importer who would import the appropriate quality of organic cotton yarn and who would agree to sell us the yarn in a small quantity suitable for our production runs.

The result? pieces that are not only beautiful, but are long wearing and sustainable in both material and production.