Being kind to the environment is at the core of People Tree beliefs and we like to support every movement which helps achieve that. On September 21st ahead of the UN emergency summit on climate change, people across the world took to the streets to inspire world leaders to take action.

The People’s Climate March in London was one of the largest events of the year. People Tree joined the force by providing a team of Avaaz volunteers from North London with People Tree 100% certified organic cotton t-shirts. We just had to bring the importance of organic fashion into the climate debate.

Sandra, one of the volunteers, tells us more:

I would like to thank you for the wonderful organic eco-white tees that helped our hearts shine brighter. Volunteering for Avaaz has been a great experience. Our small group (6 of us from North London) is very happy to be able to contribute (even in a small way) to promote the march.


Alis, one of the volunteers, started customising the People Tree organic cotton t-shirts. I helped her finish them on Saturday. It was a long day, but totally worth it!


On Sunday, quite a few people stopped us at the march to ask us where they could buy t-shirts like ours. The People’s Climate March was amazing. The atmosphere was pure positive energy, certainly 100% Clean! We all had a fantastic and very inspiring time.

On Tuesday 23, the world leaders were in New York for a landmark climate summit called by the head of the UN. But they will have until December 2015 to agree a new global climate treaty (when the existing global climate agreement comes to an end). This means our campaign will continue and we’ll have more “official opportunities” to wear our beautiful t-shirts. I can’t imagine any other company but People Tree leading the top market on Climate Revolution!

From the bottom of our green hearts…thank you 🙂


Note: The “100% Clean” Campaign , which is linked to the People’s Climate March, asks for local, national and international leaders to help save the world from climate catastrophe by committing to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius by transitioning our economies to 100% clean energy, like solar and wind power.

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