The holidays are over and we’re still smiling about the good time we enjoyed with our loved ones. As every year, the festivities flew by way too quickly. However we are also super exited for everything that’s about to happen in the New Year and can’t wait for 2018 to bring it on.

Whilst we’re no big fans of “new year, new me”-intentions, cause we believe we’re good as we are (sounds so cliché, but we should value ourselves just as much as we do our favourite people). However, some new year’s resolutions never hurt nobody and can help us feeling better and happier.

Just like the morning often determines the whole day, we think a good start into the New Year can improve the course of the remaining months. After all the holiday celebrations and – let’s face it – food madness, we thought a detox and relaxation cure is what we need for an easy-going kick off. So we gathered some ideas for a happy, healthy and light-hearted start into 2018.



Pretty much all of us know that full feeling after the holiday food paradise, which undoubtedly is one of the best parts of the festivities, however with the New Year we feel like having a fresh start and getting back to the healthy diet. After all the hours spent cooking for the family though, we do not only want to have light and fresh meals but also easy-to-prepare recipes. So here are our top tips for a New Year’s Detox Diet to cleanse our body and start fresh.

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  1. Try to eat as much raw fruit & veggies as possible. Try it in different forms, so it won’t get boring. You can have it as smoothies, salads or sticks to nibble on.
  2. Pay attention to what you drink – it also enters your body! Skip on chemical softdrinks and alcohol, which also include lots of calories and rather go for water or herbal tea and hot lemon which bring other benefits with it.
  3. Cook vegetable soup. You can cook a huge pot once a week and easily store it in the fridge for some days. It includes vitamins, is low in calories and fills you up but still is a light dish since it is liquid.
  4. Some special foods show detoxifying traits that help cleansing your body. This concerns citrics, avocados, cucumber, artichokes, turmeric and antioxidant superfoods like goji berries and blueberries. Try to include them in your diet even more than usually.



Relaxation means taking time for yourself and enjoying things that make you feel good – whether it’s cuddling up with a cup of tea and scented candles or going for a walk in the fresh air, reading a book or dancing. There are lots of options out there and our top advice is to listen to yourself and go for whatever works best for you!

However we would like to recommend Yoga to you, which you sure have heard of but maybe not yet tried – so now’s the time to give it a go. Yoga is a great method to move your body, improve your fitness and simultaneously relax your mind. It is a mix of physical, mental and spiritual practices, which help controlling your body and mind and thus is supposed to bring along relaxation and health benefits.

We are huge fans and can only encourage you to read a book, watch some Youtube videos or check for classes somewhere near you to try it out! If you like it, have a look at our fabulous Yoga wear collection and treat yourself to a set, which makes training even more fun 🙂



To maintain physical and mental health throughout the whole year, make sure to listen to your body and care for it. Eat healthy most of the time and do sports as often as possible, but also take a rest, treat yourself and make time for other things that make you happy. Keep a balance in your life and think positive and eventually the rest will work out.

Happy New Year!