In 2014 | My New Year Predictions

Today we have a post by People Tree Founder and CEO Safia Minney about her predictions for the future of the fashion industry in the coming year…

My New Year Predictions

1. In 2014, we will cease to be styled by the same “cookie cutter”. We’ll push for originality, swap clothes with friends, buy second hand. We will value what we buy and wear as part of a new slow society, which will break us out of our media-driven daydream.


2. Fashion editors will reduce their “splurge or spree” comparison articles, as they realise their part in promoting unsustainable consumption and sweatshop production.

3. A whole host of events – such as Fashion Revolution Day  on the 24th of April (the anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy), International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, and Word Fair Trade Day on the 10th of May – will help create a platform to raise awareness and pressure the fashion industry to clean up their act and prove the difference that Fair Trade can make in strengthening communities and empowering families.


4. Fair trade and sustainable fashion will come of age! People Tree will go pan-European in 2014, appearing in trade shows press and talk shows in Germany, Holland and Scandinavia. More people will search out unique, handcrafted and quality product, rather than synthetic sweatshop produced clothing that sit uncomfortably on our skin and our conscience.

5. In 2014, people will search harder for health and happiness, and continue to move from the material to the authentic. We will shop for more value-added products which are Fair Trade, organic, locally produced, and recycled. We will bring our friends along to join the movement for social justice and sustainability. It’s fun, compelling and empowering!


What are your predictions for 2014? Join the conversation on Twitter or leave a comment below.

2 Replies to “In 2014 | My New Year Predictions

  1. We will include treating animals with compassion in fashion as well. Kindness is not restricted to certain categories, it reaches out to anything that can feel pain. Where alternatives can be found, should be found.
    Develop a range.for children, they are the future shoppers of tomorrow.

    1. We used to offer a range for children. We’ve decided for now to focus on making wonderful ethical fashion for women and men, but we’d love to see more sustainable and Fair Trade brands for children (and every area of life!). Many of us in the People Tree office are mums and dads, and we are encouraged as our children get what Fair Trade is about.

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