Calling this last month a trying time for Nepal would be an understatement, on the 25th of April there was nationwide panic as reports of tremors registered at an alarming 7.8 on the Richter scale rocked the landlocked country to the core. 8,000 were pronounced dead with over 19,000 injured and unfortunately more bad news was to follow. On the 12th May reports of a second earthquake began to spread, clocking in at 7.3 on the Richter scale and inevitably leaving irreparable devastation in its wake.  At the time of writing People Tree are pleased to report that we have raised £5000 (806612.94 Nepalese Rupees) this will be going to aid relief work in hopes that locals will be able to find peace and begin the arduous task of rebuilding as soon as possible.


Our beloved production family at KTS were able to sporadically update the world to their status amidst the catastrophe and panic. Aftershocks forced locals into the streets for fears of building collapses as they slept as death tolls steadily rose. Desperate for reprieve the people of Nepal are still at the mercy of the elements, living in the fear that once again aggressive tremors will tear their borders asunder.


“I’m very worried about the death and despair that the people of Nepal are facing right now. We have lost 1 of our hand weavers in Bakutapur and most people’s homes and work places are uninhabitable there.  We know that over 200 families homes are damaged and want to get relief funds to them to start rebuilding. The physiological effect of the after tremors is huge and this is where HOPE, Friendship & long term partnership with People Tree can help! We will stand by our Fair Trade groups and Nepal with relief and make sure there is enough support long term to help people rebuild their lives and communities.” –  Safia Minney

What KTS needs right now is the continued patronage of consumers such as yourself. By purchasing quality handmade knitwear items by the KTS family you can ensure the hastened return to normality they so desperately need.


Update – 20/05/2015: On the 18th of May KTS were able to begin operating from their office once again, following the terrible earthquakes in Nepal. They remain anxiety-ridden and are desperately hoping for the aftershocks to cease soon. Many producers from the group have been asking for help to repair and rebuild their damaged homes, with the number of homes affected by the disaster totalling 148 to date. KTS are still waiting to be contacted by a number of producers and will be unable to assess the true extent of the devastation until a later date.

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