With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday 15th March this year, we thought it would be great to speak to some of the amazing mothers whose lives have been touched by People Tree, so here’s a quick interview with Caroline Wylson.

How did you get to know People Tree?
Through Charlotte, my lovely daughter who is the fit model for People Tree.

What is your favourite People Tree product and where do you wear it?
Probably what I’m wearing! I love the shape and versatility of the dress. I am the Vice Commodore for a sailing club and it would be perfect for their annual evening award ceremony. At the same time it would be great for a dinner date.

When you get dressed in the morning what style do you gravitate towards?
I like to be comfortable but classic at the same time. Leggings and a long shirt, blouse or tunic are my perfect go-to outfit.

Have you ever travelled overseas?
Yes! I have travelled to the West Indies to Trinidad and Tobago and it completely changed and altered my life. I’ve also been to Crete and was lucky enough to really get to know the culture there.

If you could visit any of our producer groups where would you go and why?
I would really like to visit Kenya and see the self-sufficient villages there. Improving the infrastructure to battle poverty and hunger is so important. Tourism to countries like that is wonderful but it is a major contributor to pollution, so we need to look at poverty beyond the tourist boundaries. I admire the sense of community in the small villages – everyone takes care of each other. My travels to Tobago were trying, but also an awakening and I really found new inner strength. I am now able to connect with myself and do only things that feel right. Success is measured by happiness, so if something doesn’t feel right – don’t do it!

Do you incorporate Fair Trade or Organic into your life in any other way?
I definitely try my best! I buy non-processed Fair Trade and Organic products wherever I can, and try to get my groceries at local farm shops.

What do you admire most about your daughter Charlotte?
There are so many different things I admire about her. She has real integrity and she hangs on to get things done. I’m really proud of her.

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